What to Do When One or More Devices Failed Backup?

April 24, 2020 / R1Soft Backups

Here is the solution to solve when one or more devices fail in backup

(error replicating devices C:\) First, check Particular drive usage on client-server by logging in. For eg (If the ‘C:\’ drive on the server is full then the backup can not run due to low space on the c drive. r1soft backup to run successfully ‘C:\’ drive should be at least 15% free out of the total disk size. )

If there is enough space on disk on the client-server then follow these steps:
Edit the disk safe and then in the devices option under the edit disk secure tab untick the first two options:
Automatically add new devices
Protect Storage Configuration
And then disable the device’s mount point and remove it, after this, click on the get devices from the agent at the bottom left of the r1soft GUI, and then add the mounted devices by clicking on the + button and save the changes and run the backup.

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