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Hassle-free Usage

Handling the back-up chores for your website can be a time and money eating task. Our remote back-up plans are affordable and specially designed for being hassle-free.

Top Performance

bodHOST’s remote back-up solution is famous for reducing the load as we take back-ups at a lightning fast speed, just in minutes. We also focus on improving the recovery point objectives by data replication in archive storage set-ups every few minutes.

Multiple Replication Sites

We offer multi-point replication so that you have several replicas of your data. You can choose either on-site or off-site copies or even redundant on-site storage. We use R1Soft’s back-up technology that makes multiple-replica creation easier.

Data Retention Plan

You can choose at which intervals you need to take back-up, be it 15 minutes, half an hour or every 5 hours. Further, you need to define the recovery points which are of utmost importance to you.

High Strength Storage

We offer continuous data security with disk safe technology, which gives the storage an essential industrial strength for carrying out archiving and back-up operations.

Complete Encryption

We establish encryption of military grade AES standard which provides complete protection for your data.


A back-up can save you a lot of cost and time when any unwanted incident happens. Be it a personal blog or a major business website, data loss is just not worth it! We at bodHOST, understand your needs and treat your data just like ours. bodHOST provides a proper back-up solution i.e., R1 Soft which is simply perfect for taking back-ups of anything. Data is the new oil and hence choosing an appropriate back-up solution is very necessary for your business continuity. Be it a completely dedicated server or just a shared hosting account, data back-up is of atmost importance.

Therefore, experts recommend choosing three times the back-up space of what server space you choose. bodHOST’s remote back-up solution provides you with a completely secure and reliable service.