How To Get The Raw FTP log From The WHM

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In this article, we will explain How to get the raw FTP log from the WHM. Using raw access logs on an FTP server, you may see every connection to a site or file posted or downloaded. WHM users may obtain a raw FTP log including these entries as plain text files. Follow the follwing […]


How To Access Webmail Using Plesk

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Webmail means web-based email. It is an email facility that can be opened using a standard internet browser. It has the ability to send and receive emails from anywhere in the world using a web browser. In this article, we will explain to you how can you access your Webmail using Plesk. Follow the following steps to access […]

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Where can you find DNS logs?

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This article explains what DNS is and where DNS logs can be found. What is DNS? The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s phone book. Domain names such as nytimes.com and espn.com allow people to access information on the internet. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used to communicate between web browsers. DNS converts domain […]

How can you enable HTTP 2?

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This article is about HTT2 and how you can enable HTT2 in WHM What is HTTP2? HTTP 2 is known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2. It is the latest version of the HTTP protocol, which is published as an IETF standard in RFC 7540 in 2015. The protocol focuses on performance, network, and server […]


How do you enable AutoSSL?

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In this post, we’ll go over what AutoSSL is and how to enable it. Every customer’s web host account has an AutoSSL option which can be turned on and turned off. When WordPress is installed, AutoSSL is toggled to ‘on’ in the Hosting SSL Certificates page for existing accounts, or Free SSL Certificate is toggled […]