How to Use CMD to Mount a Remote File System on Windows

April 23, 2024 / General Discussion

This article explains how to use CMD to mount a remote file system on Windows. Using CMD to mount a remote file system on Windows provides flexibility and scripting capabilities, allowing for customisation and automation of the mounting process.

Follow the steps-

  1. Execute the following command to mount the remote file system-
    net use <drive letter>: \\sshfs[.option]\<remote user>@<remote host>[!port][\path]
  2. Run the below command to display the presently mounted disks and devices via SSHFS.
    net use
    It will show the local mount point name and the remote connection point.
  3. Furthermore, CMD allows you to dismount a remote file system on Windows, using the command provided below to remove the mapped device from your Windows system.
    net use <drive letter>: /delete

That is it! Hope you grasped everything well. However, if you require any assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. You can learn about How to Copy Files to a Remote System (FTP).

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