Windows CMD Commands Cheat Sheet

May 3, 2024 / General Discussion

Windows Command Prompt (CMD) offers a variety of powerful tools. Since it’s easy to forget commands, creating a cheat sheet is a great way to stay on top.

This list provides a starting point with some of the most common CMD commands. Feel free to customize it by adding the commands you use most often!

System Information

  • DATE – Outputs or sets the current date
  • TIME – Displays or sets the system time
  • DRIVERQUERY – Search the current state and properties of the device driver
  • HOSTNAME – Search the name of the computer
  • SYSTEMINFO – Shows configuration information about your computer
  • VER – Allows you to view the Windows version
  • GPRESULT – Search current applied group policies (RSoP)
  • GPUPDATE – Updates group policies


  • IPCONFIG – Shows information about network interfaces
  • PING – Sends ICMP requests to the target host, checks host availability
  • TRACERT – Finds the path for packets traveling over the network
  • NSLOOKUP – Search IP address by resource name
  • ROUTE – Show network route tables
  • ARP- Shows a table with IP addresses converted into physical addresses
  • NETSH – Starts is a network settings control program
  • GETMAC – Shows the MAC address of the network adapter
  • TFTP – Starts TFTP client in the console

Command Line Setup

  • CLS – Clears screen
  • CMD – Displays another command prompt
  • COLOR – Sets the text and background color
  • PROMPT – Change the command line prompt
  • TITLE – Assigns a title for the current session
  • HELP – Launches CMD help
  • EXIT – Exits the command line

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