VPS Hosting

Tips for Ensuring VPS Security

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VPS Security

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is known for offering a full-blown server’s advantages without any hindrance. By leveraging a VPS, one gets complete control of his servers, without any additional need for managing the network settings and configuration. With VPS Hosting, the user also doesn’t need to worry about maintaining its physical servers, as […]

Data Center

Big Data & Its Impact on Data Centers

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US Data Center - bodHOST

Today, data is considered as the new oil. Every day, companies and individuals generate significantly huge volumes of data. This volume of data being exchanged between individuals and other stakeholders gives rise to big data. However, the emergence of big data comes with certain big challenges also. Such a collection of data is continuously expanding […]


Everything You Need to Know About Website Backups

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Managed R1Soft Backups & Data Protection

For any business, today, having a dedicated website represents the business’s digital identity. It is the first virtual line of interaction taking place between the business and its customers. These websites contain all the essential information that any customer wishes to know about a company. Besides having necessary information hosted online, business websites also store […]

Cloud Hosting

Here’s How: Cloud Migration Enhances Customer Experience

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cloud migration

Migration to the Cloud comes with several benefits. Some of these post-migration benefits include- cost and financial savings, improved agility, robust security and, most importantly, hindrance-free services. Another overlooked benefit- enhancing customer experience. Besides enhancing customer experience, migration to the Cloud also drives positive results such as the trust and satisfaction of an end-user, brand […]