How to Copy Files to a Remote System (FTP)

January 27, 2023 / cPanel

  1. On the local system, change to the source directory. The local working directory refers to the one from which you type your ftp command, which makes it the source directory in this instance.
  2. Set up an ftp connection.
  3. Switch to the target directory.
    ftp> cd target-directory

    Keep in mind, for those using the automounter in their system, your home directory is parallel to the remote system’s user, under /home.

  1. Make sure that you have written permission to the target directory.
    ftp> ls -l target-directory
  2. Ensure the transfer type to binary. 
    ftp> binary
  1. Use the following command to copy a single file.
    ftp> put filename
  1. Use the following command if you aim to copy several files at one time.
    ftp> mput filename [filename …]

You can implement wildcard characters and supply a series of individual file names. Every file is copied individually, with a confirmation from you every time. 

  1. Just type bye in order to close the FTP connection.
    ftp> bye


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