How would you Set Up Nameservers in cPanel and WHM?

March 25, 2022 / cPanel WHM

This article will be of assistance to you. In cPanel and WHM, how can you set up nameservers?

When setting up their cPanel and WHM servers, many users start by configuring their nameservers. Having your nameservers helps you to take control of your domain’s DNS and allows your users a central collection of DNS to point their domain names to while they’re hosted on your servers.

Actions to follow

Before you start, double-check that your nameservers have been registered with your domain’s registrar. This move can differ depending on your domain’s registrar, so you’ll need to contact them for specific instructions.

If you use a well-known domain registrar, you might find the following document useful in demonstrating how to do so.

Set your nameservers and IP addresses to default.

Carry out the following procedures:

  1. Navigate to WHM’s Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface
    (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup)
  2. Fill in the text boxes at the bottom of the GUI with the desired nameserver names. Select “SAVE CHANGES” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press Configure Address Records next to the relevant Nameservers text window. The device will perform a DNS lookup on the nameserver you specified, and a new interface will appear. In the relevant text boxes, update the IP addresses.
    1. Enter a new value in the Enter an IPv6 address to create an AAAA record text box to create an AAAA record with a different IPv6 address.

    2. For each nameserver, repeat these steps.

    3. The name must include a prefix, a dot (. ), and your domain. A name shared by your nameservers.

    4. We strongly advise you to use a domain that corresponds to your company’s main homepage URL.

You can refer to our documentation for a complete list of details or other concerns about this.

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