How to use ImunifyAV+ to restore original files

August 23, 2021 / General Discussion

This post will explain what ImunifyAV is and how to restore original files after scanning with the ImunifyAV+ scanner.To begin, you should understand what ImunifyAV is.

Imunify360 is a software suite from CloudLinux, which will provide all customers with the industry’s most powerful malware detection solution.ImunifyAV is one of many tools created by our CloudLinux colleagues.

Notice- That you can only clean or restore files if you have an active ImunifyAV+ license.

WHM Procedure:

  1. Log in to WHM
  2. Navigate to the ImunifyAV plugin
  3. Click the Files tab
    The files tab will show all infected files discovered by a scan. In the actions column, you can choose to restore the original.

SSH/CLI Procedure:

If you prefer to restore the files from the command line, follow the instructions below. The commands below use a parameter called “—user USER,” which must be replaced with the real user name of the account being restored.

To begin, ensure that the feature-management option “av” is enabled for the affected account. Attempting to restore using the CLI without this option activated will fail.

imunify-antivirus feature-management enable --feature av --user USERAll original files for the account that 
ImunifyAV+ quarantined or replaced with a 0-byte file will be restored.
imunify-antivirus malware malicious restore-original --user USER

To restore the status of a disabled account, run the command below

imunify-antivirus feature-management disable --feature av --user USER

For more information, please see the official documentation pages.


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