vps hosting

Windows Vs Linux VPS

VPS is well known as virtual private server. VPS has a server splitting process. Each virtual server functions with its own operating system and also can be separately  rebooted.

Everybody knows that, mainly two types of operating systems can be used for VPS set up. First one is Linux VPS and second one is Windows VPS. There are many arguments about  benefits of Linux VPS and  Windows VPS.

1. Windows is a highly commercial operating system. On the other hand Linux is a free and open source operating system. For this reason there is a cost difference. So Windows VPS is more costly than Linux VPS.

2. Windows VPS and Linux VPS both offer the remote desktop access. Windows VPS provide you the access to stay completely in control and fully conscious of what you are basically editing for your VPS. In case of Linux VPS user can use ssh as text-based remote access which is more difficult and challenging than windows VPS.

3. In case of reliability and security user can much more depend on linux than windows.

4. Windows VPS is not capable to give 100% uptime but Linux VPS is capable of providing a solid 100 uptime guarantee. As it is open source, you can customize your Linux server to handle load spikes together with loading software and programs that should take up less disk space than Windows VPS programs.

PHP (scripting language) , MySQL (Server database) , POP3 (local e-mail clients ) etc can run on both Windows server as well as Linux servers. But  ASP, FrontPage, ASP.NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, MS Access, MS SQL etc are run on only  Windows server.

I mentioned earlier that Linux is a cheap hosting option as compared to windows hosting. It offers the same powerful and high performance output as a windows server without costing too much. A linux VPS hosting proves to be a comparatively good deal as it is cheap, highly efficient and secure.