December 25, 2010 / Web Hosting

Root servers are operated by different institutions. The Internet Corporation for Names and Assigned Numbers (ICANN) coordinates the operation.

Virtually every computer connected to the Internet is given a name server assigned to the unique names such as “” may (the domain) to translate technical numbers (the IP address). If the name server for any information requested TLD (in this case “org”), he refers to the root server. There, for “org” authoritative name servers are queried. In the org name servers in turn are responsible for “” authoritative name server asks for and then finally the IP address of “”. Thus the name server that chain does not go through every time from scratch, it stores the responses for some time.

Rectifications to the root zone is first received by ICANN as part of the IANA functions to technical correctness. Then to the U.S Department of Commerce forwarded. This VeriSign instructed to publish the change of zone. All root servers synchronize their database of redundant distribution servers from VeriSign. In the past, the root servers synchronized twice daily directly from the A-root. But this was abandoned in order to eliminate this single point of failure.