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Difference Between VPS and Cloud Server Hosting

VPS is one of the most important and effective technologies in the web hosting world. Thanks to VPSĀ  Hosting, it is possible to economize on costs while not cutting back on the quality of service. What happens is that a single server is divided into many virtual servers and still is capable to permit all the resources of a dedicated server. It is the midpoint between dedicated and shared hosting.

The most important features of VPS are that it is user friendly so that applications and software can run with ease. It permits the option to add more resources if necessary which make sit the proper solution for many businesses. It is also capable to host a number of unique websites. VPS are eventually cheaper than the other hosting services.
Unlike cloud hosting the VPS is your responsibility. Initially you will have to work on all the basics, sort out security, get updates and perform maintenance. Performance may also be a problem as you have to share resources on the same server.
On the other side cloud hosting is a service which provides power and resources from a network of servers. The cloud as it is many times called is the provision of computing resources that have been grouped cooperatively and delivered through the internet. This means there is no limit on the use or server resources. It optimizes on bandwidth with the utilize of major connectivity providers and fully redundant networks.
Depending on their requirement, the resources are allocated to the users as much or as little as and when required. It is very low cost and reliable service. Companies will also be content to know that will not subject any additional overhead or require to purchase any additional inventory to utilize the service. Another great advantage is that it bills the customer on what they use only. Its billing process is much like a utility bill. This is a relief to many as they will have the added security of knowing that they will not incur any charges for services that they did not use at all during the billing period.