Creating Multiple Web Hosting Accounts Through WHM

April 29, 2011 / Reseller Hosting

WHM is the administrator control panel for your reseller or VPS account. If you want to create multiple accounts using WHM, then you can follow the following points :

1. You have to make a ‘package’: Usually while designing a web hosting package, you should include the basics like how much web space, bandwidth, mailboxes, etc you want to assign for each package.

You should have a range of different packages so customers can choose the one that suits their requirements the best. You can create a package through WHM> Left Menu> Click on ‘Add Packages’ under ‘Packages’

2. You have to create an account from WHM: Go to account functions, then create an Account.

3. log into cPanel: After you create your account you have to log into cPanel for that particular account through http://IP Address:2082 (IP Address = Actual IP address of the server) or

Customers can manage their cpanel reseller hosting or Linux VPS hosting account through cPanel (control panel). If a user wants to add FTP, MySQL, and e-mail accounts, then they can also utilize cPanel.