Why Do You Need a Host Manager

January 14, 2022 / Web Hosting

A web host manager plays an important role in your websites. It helps you to transform your website according to your wants. The host manager helps you in customizing your features and It also reduces the time it takes to maintain your website. It also allows you to focus on improving your customer service and growing your business by saving you time and effort.

Let’s look at the variety of web host managers for business owners and web professionals, plus learn the facts and assets of web hosting with the help of bodHOST Hosting.

What is a Web Host Manager?

WHM is a computer tool that allows users to control several cPanel- based websites. It also helps you manage your Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server.

With the help of WHM in conjunction with cPanel, you can create individual accounts and add new domains while using the web hosting services and doing basic maintenance. It is possible to command the MYSQL database and for you to add and remove your all email accounts with the WHM

What Is the Role of a Web Host Manager?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is a vital cPanel key. It makes it simple and efficient to maintain and manage your website. It also comes with several databases, backup, email, domain administration, and high-security features.

As of cPanel’s programmed and configurable platform allows creating your many management tasks. After all, WHM is needed to increase the advantage for cPanel. However, cPanel wants the support of WHM to check multiple accounts.

Types of Web Host Managers

Web Host Managers (WHM) offers a variety of tools to business managers and Internet experts. The type of WHM that is ideal for you is determined by your company’s requirements.

Types of Popular web hosting plans:

  1. Shared Hosting Shared Hosting is one of the worthwhile & affordable alternatives because the Random Access Memory (RAM), Central Processing Unit (CPU), as well as other facilities are shared (Random Access Memory). Each customer will be restricted to a certain quantity of total server resources.
  2. Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is another name for VPS hosting. It allows any website to be hosted and, unlike shared hosting, it has its own dedicated server space. If you need additional space and want to customize the features without spending money on dedicated server hosting, this is a significant alternative for you.
  3. Dedicated Hosting Server Dedicated server hosting is a kind of hosting in which a physical server is assigned to a single business customer. It is dedicated to your website and does not require any resources to be shared. It has specific requirements, such as high performance and security. Managed Hosting Server
  4. Managed Hosting The web hosting provider tracks your day-to-day maintenance of servers, system software, and hardware with managed hosting. It is a service in which the provider is entirely or partially responsible for the management of the web hosting hardware, system software, and applications.
  5. Cloud Server Cloud services are infrastructure, platforms, and software that is hosted by web hosting companies and accessible via the internet. It is the process of sending user data across the internet from one end to the other (e.g., the user’s server, laptops, tablets, or desktops) to the hosting provider’s systems. Users can access cloud services using a computer, mobile device, laptop, or operating system, as well as an internet connection or VPN.

Benefits of Using WHMCS

WHMCS provides support for online businesses through billing solutions, to reduce operational difficulties. If you believe your company is spending time, money, and energy on administrative tasks, the platform could be a good fit.

Here are some of the advantages in detail:

  1. Better Flexibilit WHMCS gives you the best and easy flexibility as you can adjust your bandwidth and disk space. These kinds of adjustments are very important for continuous operation for your website, It can be crash or become suspended if it goes over the maximum bandwidth
  2. Security Security is one of the important keys for your website, then the WHMCS will suit, as it has significant security and it has an advantage over all others.
  3. Cybersecurity Improvement If you use WHMCS it can increase the online security of your website. You need to know that your site is protected because of cybercrime attacks, hackers, etc. A WHMCS will try to minimize the risk that your other website will not get affected. It also prevents the hackers from finding out that the various accounts on different cPanels are connected to the same WHM account.
  4. Billing It is important for billing for goods and services aspects of any of the business, with transparency, which is a key factor for the customer satisfaction levels. WHMCS generates an invoice that includes a detailed analysis of the goods and services provided, alerting clients of exactly what they’ve purchased and maintaining a positive working relationship.
  5. Multiple Function Since it has various functionalities, WHMCS makes your website simple to manage. The tools assist the website is doing the following activities.
    1. It monitors and records your website daily.
    2. You can create, suspend, or delete your cPanel accounts.
    3. This will keep track of your domains’ DNS zones and make changes as needed.
    4. It makes your default page become a new account form.
    5. It provides you permission to monitor your server’s status and data.

How many types of Hosting Plans are offered by bodHOST?

Having the correct hosting plan, you’ll be able to meet your business objectives and expand your organization.

bodHOST offers a large choice of feature hosting plans to pick from, no matter what type of web host manager you prefer for your websites. We offer Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSL Certificated, Spam Experts, and Reseller Hosting to help you manage your websites.

Contact our sales team to discover which one of these powerful bodHOST solutions is perfect for your business needs.

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