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Instant Resource Provisioning

Instant Resource Provisioning

With fast and easy VPS server resource provisioning, we ensure that your website performs the way you want it.

Operating System

Choose your OS

When configuring your Virtual Private Server, choose an Operating System of your choice to form the core of your server.

Always at your service

Always at your service

We guarantee our service will be steady and serving you is our biggest priority.

What is VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server which mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. VPS Hosting relies on a virtualization platform which creates Virtual Machines (VM) and has its own set of resources and operating system.

Key Functions of VPS Server

Multiple Websites can be hosted on a single Virtual Private Server Critical data which is hosted on a VPS is backed up in regular intervals to keep a website’s data safe.

Multiple applications can be tested on a Virtual Private Server

One of the important features of a Virtual Private Server is that it keeps a website stable when it is hosted on VPS due to dedicated resources at all times. VPS is also a good option for e-commerce websites because it can easily support resource scaling while peak traffic.

Managed Server 24x7

Managed Server 24X7

All bodHOST Linux VPS plans come managed with 24x7 support available through phone, live chat and support ticket. Managed Support also includes patching and updating your VPS upon request to help keep it secure, and running optimally.


Choice of Plesk or cPanel

Web based control panel make VPS management easier by providing a simple yet powerful GUI. Functions like adding domains, mailboxes, configuring firewall, applying security policies and installing applications becomes quick and easy. With trained experts in our team for both Plesk and cPanel/WHM, you will receive market leading support 24x7.

Remote Reboot

Remote Reboot

Securely reboot your VPS on your own without any dependency upon a server administrator in the event of an emergency. We provide a secure VPS management panel to perform instant remote reboots, which communicates directly with our hypervisor. No matter what the situation, you are in total control.

R1 Soft Backup

R1Soft Backup

It is easy for backups to be overlooked until the worst happens and there is no way to recover critical data. R1Soft based remote backups are easy to configure and with a full reporting facility, backed by our 24x7 support, you can be assured your data is available at all times.

Powerful VPS with Root Access & Complete Control

Businesses today are volatile in their requirements which make it essential for them to go for the perfect virtual private server solution. bodHOST’s customized platform for Linux VPS delivers best virtual machine server performance in addition to completely managed hosting support within highly optimized operational costs.

bodHOST Linux VPSs offer the ultimate cost advantage while moving your website from a shared hosting plan to a virtualized environment. Powered by Hypervisor, multiple operating systems can run concurrently with no let downs. Several VMs are created on a node, where the each VM works as an independent VM. They can be rebooted or upgraded as per the need, separately.

The major advantage of this system being a hardware virtualization platform, the supporting processors are highly responsive in the Virtual server environment. Adding to the physical attributes; Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL can be installed on the bodHOST managed Linux VPS, offering the convenience and independence of a dedicated server. With bodHOST Linux VPS hosting, you can choose to host unlimited domains, install custom software or applications and with it, emerge as a reseller offering similar services to end user customers.

Virtual Private Server environment provides the benefits of a dedicated server, but at comparatively lesser and affordable price. In other words, it can also be described as a technique of partitioning a single physical server into many virtual servers. Within the VPS hosting environment, a physical server node is split into multiple virtual servers, thereby distributing the costs evenly among all users, while each virtual server gets the same functions as a complete dedicated server.

Key functions of a VPS

  • Each VPS performs and executes like a stand-alone server for its users and applications.
  • Each VPS server can be rebooted independently, has its own root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, applications, system libraries and configuration files.
  • A VPS offers the same level of root access as a dedicated server, so as a user you have the ability to install and run your own scripts or software in a virtual hosting environment.
  • If you need to host unlimited domains, have complete control of your environment and run your own applications at an affordable price, then VPS server is the way to go for you.
  • Ardent features of a virtual private server include independent disk space, system resources, bandwidth and guaranteed memory allocation, making it as good as a fully managed server. Apart from this, our Linux VPS hosting plans also create room for very high level of customization and guarantee "Enhanced Security" and "Quality Performance" along with functional isolation.

Salient features of bodHOST Linux VPS Hosting

  • Complete control with root or administrative privileges
  • Flexibility to install software and custom applications of your own choice
  • Total isolation from other VPS accounts on the same server
  • Individual VPS can be rebooted independently
  • Dedicated Web, Mail, FTP and Database server
  • Low prices and high quality features make bodHOST a very reliable & distinguished VPS Hosting solutions provider. Moreover, our Virtual Private Servers support cPanel (WHM) & Plesk Control Panels and include pre-installed configurations, which is definitely the best match to any hosting service and worth every penny that you invest.
  • Latest PHP - MYSQL Versions, FrontPage Extensions, Webalizer, SSI, CGI-BIN, Perl, JDK and other software updates can be installed as per your request on your VPS. Instant reboot capability is yet another feature of our VPS hosting packages.
  • bodHOST Offers fully managed Linux as well as Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting Packages. All Servers are located in the Hurricane Electric datacenter, located in Chicago. Backed by highly experienced and qualified professional administrators working 24x7x365, provides an unmatched level of support.
  • bodHOST aims to provide a highly professional, yet low cost, web hosting services. Support is available 24x7x365 through Helpdesk, Live Chat and Phone. A response time of 30 minutes is assured through Helpdesk, with an instant response available over Live Chat and Phone

Multiple customization options can be selected by the user, one of them being the ability to select the desired operating system (OS). While multiple OS options are available, there are no compromises about the data-privacy or server-security. The privacy is never compromised due to "compartmentalization" disapproving any interaction between two VPSs; leading to a safe working environment. Greater authority and agility with robust security channels are key mechanics of bodHOST Linux VPS platform which puts it amongst the best VPS hosting solutions. Webmasters or business owners can derive huge cost-benefits if they are looking to move away from shared hosting infrastructure, and looking for an intermediate solution before getting a dedicated server.


VPS Hosting FAQ's

A VPS, also known as a virtual private server, is a server hosting infrastructure that is virtually remote. A physical server is split into a number of virtual servers to make individual virtual private servers that enjoy their respective amount of CPU, disk space, as well as memory. Hence, it works like a virtual dedicated server that is entirely yours. Since every single VPS server is isolated from any contact with other servers, it works like a regular personalised server. Being housed in one physical server substantially reduces the cost of maintenance and operation, thus making Virtual private servers an affordable option while providing all the benefits of a dedicated server.

VPS hosting has several elements that help provide a perfect environment for your business to thrive in.

Dedicated resources mean that you get your personal resources such as RAM, disk space and CPU that you can completely control.

Stability : You do not need to concern yourself with the application or performance of your website. Well-handled resources ensure enhanced server stability that does not falter when your website encounters a sudden increase in traffic.

Complete control : you can accomplish a lot, such as easily hosting and working on websites that require huge resources, with root access and the whole spectrum of resources under your control.

Your web applications and business website benefit a lot from all the above mentioned VPS hosting features.

VPS hosting does share some similarities with shared hosting, but they are spiritually very different types of web hosting services. If you're just starting your business or if you own a micro business, shared hosting might be the right fit for you. Since shared hosting requires all the resources to be shared between its users, there is no guarantee of access to CPU and RAM resources when you need them. Since you are not given complete root access to your server, you cannot control it. However, when you are just starting your website and require fully managed assistance, shared hosting is the perfect platform for a beginner. You also enjoy the help of a customer support team that works 24/7 to handle any issues that might arise.

On the other hand, you completely own the resources that VPS hosting provides. No need to share. Having root access enables you to have absolute control over all of the resources like RAM, CPU, disk space, etc. You can also choose an OS that you prefer. Hence, with VPS you can enjoy all the features of dedicated servers, at rates that are affordable like shared hosting. You can also benefit from round the clock customer support to satisfy all of your web hosting questions.

A single client entirely owns a dedicated server and all of its resources. If a website or application requires huge amounts of resources, a dedicated server is a perfect fit. VPS hosting server, contrarily, is created by virtually splitting a dedicated server into several individual servers through a hardware virtualization platform. The physical VPS server houses several small VPS servers which reduces the cost of maintenance making it quite affordable.

VPS, also known as a virtual private server, virtually divides a dedicated server and assigns an individual one to every user. Hence, it is a perfect combination of dedicated hosting and shared hosting services. You can avail yourself of huge advantages such as being your personal operating system, storage, memory and IP address with a VPS hosting server. A single client gets an entire dedicated hosting server and all of its resources all to themselves.

VPS Hosting Pros

  • It has features similar to a dedicated server along with added reliability, flexibility and sturdiness at an affordable price.
  • You get complete root access.
  • You gain complete control of the VPS to shut down or reboot it.
  • Custom applications are easy to install.
  • You can scale your resources to upgrade or downgrade as per your requirements.
  • You can begin your VPS hosting with limited resources and then increase them when your needs start growing.

VPS Hosting Cons

  • It is costlier than a reseller, Linux and shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Pros

  • Complete control over the whole server.
  • Entire resources dedicated only to you.
  • Heavy resources websites can be run at high speed and power.

Dedicated Server Cons

  • Costlier than VPS and shared hosting.
  • Less flexible and scalable than VPS.
  • High management cost.
  • Expensive cPanel, Webuzo, Plesk control panel license.

The VPS hosting we provide is extremely easy to understand and navigate. You can choose a web hosting plan most compatible with your web hosting needs from the selection we provide and sign up by following the simple instructions. When you have completed the registration process, you will be provided with a server being set up by us and you can get started.