Why You Need Cloud Hosting?

Unmatched reliability and scalability for business and mission-critical applications.

Cloud Server Hosting is designed to offer unmatched availability and scalability by providing a physical separation between storage and computing. This separation enables the servers to float between the physically located hardware, allowing them to scale the resources for delivering availability at all times in case of a failure in the network. 24x7 availability of Cloud servers makes them an ideal choice for clients for hosting their business-critical websites and applications.

Cloud Basic

High-availability cloud server with 2 vCPU and 50 GB of fast SSD cloud storage.


Cloud Standard

High-availability, enterprise class cloud server with 3 vCPU and 80 GB of fast SSD cloud storage.


Cloud Enterprise

High-availability, enterprise class cloud server with 4 vCPU and 120 GB of fast SSD cloud storage.


Cloud Corporate

Powerfull cloud server with 6 vCPU, 8 GB and 160 GB of fast SSD cloud storage.


Features of bodHOST Cloud Hosting

Disaster Recovery Hosted in the Cloud

Our Cloud hosting solutions are hosted in Tier-IV data centers. Our fully secured, redundant and hyper-converged cloud architecture protects your cloud-based virtual machines from any hardware and network failure. Our data centers feature- diverse power, cooling and ensuring physical security measures for offering added protection layers.

Unmatched High-Level Storage

All our Cloud hosting solutions offer a reliable, high-performance and cost-effective cloud storage. These solutions are affordably priced, and the enterprise-level SSD storage makes it an ideal choice for heavy load read and write systems.

Business-Class Security

We offer Cloud hosting solutions that come with the best in application-ready firewall technology. Hosted on an Intrusion Prevention System and In-Flow Virus Protection, the threats are determined and isolated before they enter your server. You can extend your services to the Cloud with detailed VPN features.

High Performance

We work with you to analyze your application and tailor a solution designed for your usage. Through this, we ensure that you get the maximum ROI and not waste money for any unwanted hardware upgrades.

Unmatched and Reliable Security

We have a team that develops and implements a security policy that is best for you to address your internal as well as regulatory requirements. Our security-based services comprise of intrusion detection and prevention and email security.

Ensuring Business Continuity

We are committed to assure that your business continues even in the worst of the times. Having access to multiple independent data centers, we combine our expertise by offering geographical redundancy along with an off-site backup and replication services. We also formulate a business continuity plan to address your exact requirements.

Cloud Hosting FAQs

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, the individual physical servers have local storage that is not clustered. In contrast, the individual servers hold a high level of redundancy; if the servers fail, then the VPS goes offline.

Cloud Server Hosting

In the case of a cloud server hosting, the servers are present in a clustered environment where the storage is decentralized and physical servers act as a compute only and not the storage. As a result of this, in case a single or multiple physical servers go down. Other servers present in the cluster can restore the servers, resulting in a high availability platform.

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