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An Insight On The Prominent Threats To An eCommerce Website

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The main aspect of an online store website that determines the success is ‘customer satisfaction’. It is important to ensure that the website is set up perfectly and functions efficiently. Having an impressive eCommerce website is extremely important in providing people with the most extravagant and authentic online shopping experience. It is crucial to consider Read More

Cloud Hosting

VPS Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

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Although the end product of both VPS and Cloud Hosting may seem similar, the functions, practices, and operations of these modes are very different. Sure, both ultimately provide a similar hosted solution; however, the way in which they work radically changes the final product. VPS, or Virtual Private Server, refers to a web hosting plan Read More

VPS Hosting

Hosting Web Services On Virtual Environment

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Web hosting companies provide shared hosting services with a lot of features, but sometimes they set heavy limitations for secure environments. For example: • You generally use PHP / MySQL or ASP.NET / MS SQL. • There is no access to the web server logs or logs to MySQL or MS SQL. • You have Read More