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Decreasing Operating Costs With The Use Of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Decreasing Operating Cost with Virtual Machines

In the technological crazed society that is today, small businesses and startups face great difficultly attempting to compete with their bigger and wealthier counterparts. Many small business owners will opt for Windows apps and software, in order to manage, operate and promote their businesses. This was not possible in the past, as a hosted dedicated server would have been a necessity. Although the business may be small, the operating and maintenance costs can still be massive. This is especially true, when it comes to maintaining dedicated servers. read more

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VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting

 bodHOST helps you decide.

Learn about reasons to switch and which type of hosting you should pick!

 Why would you need a hosting upgrade?

When you create your first website or blog, you usually go for shared hosting. It’s cheap, easy and fits all your needs. But, as time goes by and your site grows in content and in number of visits, shared hosting might become too small for you. It may not be able to take all the visitors you get at once and could crash your site. Nobody likes that! If that happens, or you think it might happen soon, it’s time to upgrade to better hosting. read more

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Right Time for Switching to VPS Hosting

Right Time for Switching to VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server depicts a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Technically, it is both shared as well as dedicated hosting. VPS works similar to the technology of Virtual Box or VMware which allow you to run multiple virtualized operating systems on a single machine.  VPS acts like a complete server and allows you to install OS and applications of your choice and requirement. Let’s look out when you can choose a VPS hosting or when is the VPS hosting suitable to you. read more

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Error 509 – Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Error 509

Are you getting this message “The server is temporarily unable to service your request as the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit, please try again?” You might be annoyed with your web host provider, right? But it’s not your host provider to be blamed. It’s actually your fault that you have started exceeding the limit of the bandwidth you had chosen. So, what’s the solution to it?

Before finding a solution to this, you need to understand what error code 509 is? The error code 509 is a state (status code) of the web server, which despite being used by quite a few applications on web servers, not part of any standard or is defined in RFCs. read more

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An Insight On The Prominent Threats To An eCommerce Website

eCommerce website, web hosting servers

The main aspect of an online store website that determines the success is ‘customer satisfaction’. It is important to ensure that the website is set up perfectly and functions efficiently. Having an impressive eCommerce website is extremely important in providing people with the most extravagant and authentic online shopping experience. It is crucial to consider certain important factors for ensuring that you have the most perfect eCommerce website. As uptime is a critical factor, the website hosting servers must be selected after analyzing the website requirements thoroughly. Apart from that, it is important to be aware of some possible threats to an eCommerce website for ensuring maximum security and maintaining the efficiency. read more

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