7 Important Reasons To Backup Your VPS Hosting Account

April 24, 2023 / VPS Hosting


A backup is the most basic step one can take to ensure that their data and information are always safe. Yes, having strong credentials and multi-factor authentication is important. However, the most crucial step is to take a backup. Cheap managed VPS hosting is powerful, robust, and safe. It is the perfect solution for almost every website owner. Given how dynamic a VPS hosting solution is, you can understand why a backup of the VPS hosting environment is essential.

The Crucial Importance of VPS Hosting Backups

  1. Human-error It may seem like the only reason to safeguard your VPS account would be to protect it from hackers. However, that is not always the case. One of the most common causes is human errors. Everyone makes mistakes. Imagine, if you were not paying attention and due to that, you unintentionally delete important data. If you don’t have a backup, you must put in your time and effort to create the deleted data again. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? In such situations, a backup would be your saving grace.
  2. Fix issues during updates Updates are required to keep your website operating properly. Additionally, it’s not unusual to update your website only to have something unanticipatedly go wrong. That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t update; you just need to do so in a secure manner. You should set up an automatic backup mechanism for your website.

    In this manner, you’ll always have a current restore point on hand in case you need to upgrade any of its essential components. In fact, it is wise to back up the website before making any changes.
  3. Deal with compatibility problems following installations If you update or install certain applications from your VPS account, there is a possibility that this implementation is not compatible with your VPS hosting environment. This in no way implies that this installation should not be updated. Instead, what you need to do is be cautious while choosing the ones you install.

    Verify the ratings and reviews, and how frequently the developer recommends installing them. The best solution to this is to have a backup. If the installation is not compatible with your VPS account, then you can easily go back to an earlier backup. You are then free to install a different tool.
  4. Safekeeping of your data This is a pretty obvious and important factor. Imagine, if, by mistake, you delete all of your clientele details. Now what will you do? Without backup, it becomes difficult to attain all of the information back. This means, you need to have a backup of your entire website and not just the information you think might be crucial. Now there are numerous ways through which data loss could occur. However, no matter the reason, you can be at peace because all of your data and information is backed up.
  5. Overcome malware and virus issues Malware can only infect computers is a myth. However, many websites are also susceptible to it. Even if you are cautious, your website can be vulberWith the advanced tools that cybercriminals have access to today. Even small websites are prone to being attacked by malware or viruses. In fact, a user with no technical knowledge can face the potential risk of installing the wrong app or opening a link that is heavy with viruses.

    And thereafter, potentially hampering the security of the VPS server and the website. Even if you troubleshoot the malware, there is a possibility that it may happen again. So to prevent having to start everything from scratch, it is ideal to have a backup.
  6. Protection against cybercriminals Many individuals think that this is the sole reason to have a backup, which in many ways is true. If any hacker manages to breach into your server and website, so not only is all your information vulnerable but so are your customers’ details. Ideally, this will not happen if you have a strong password, MFA (multi-factor authentication) in place, and hosting solutions from a reputed web host who places importance on the safety of your website.

    However, even if a cybercriminal manages to access your information, then a backup is the only answer. Your website will be able to continue with the help of the last backup you made.
  7. Easy migration If you ever decide to switch your web hosting provider, the only way you can do that is by transferring the information from one VPS account to the other. Now, it is always safe to back up your information before transferring all the data. Although, a good hosting provider will ensure that all of your data is smoothly transferred. However, it is always better to make copies of your data.


The backup of your website is important. A reputed web host will ensure that the data in your VPS hosting account is backed up. In fact, it is ideal to choose a hosting provider that offers backup solutions. If not, you can manually perform the backups yourself. For a manual method, you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to copy your data or you can install a backup plugin. Whatever method you choose, as long as you have several backups and regularly create them, is acceptable. We advise maintaining multiple backups in different locations for optimum security. In this manner, you’ll always have a backup of your backup in case you lose one.