Is Your Website Suitable for Retailtainment?

May 23, 2022 / Business tips


Since the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions, online enterprises have outperformed retail stores. Consumers nowadays prefer to shop online instead of going to a shop. It is simple to buy from the comfort of one’s own home. Today’s customers focus on the products, and services from a brand. Shopping used to be all about functionality.

You would select an item at a regular store, carry it to the cashier, pay, and go. You’d put items in your cart, consider your purchase and delivery options, check out, and stand in line. It worked well enough, but it left modern customers wanting more. Ease and convenience aren’t enough anymore. Buyers today expect brands to deliver remarkable shopping experiences. Retailtainment is a term that mixes retail and entertainment.

What is Retailtainment?

Retailtainment is a mixer of the words of retail and entertainment. Retailtainment is about offering the customers of immersive brand experiences which can go above and beyond making shopping simple, fast and easy. It’s also about giving them enjoyable and memorable experiences, rather than just entertaining them.

Nowadays, online buying is becoming very common in the current world.  You can get all kinds of products by scrolling through the feeds of businesses on the internet and social media world. These new habits are having a meaningful effect, particularly as the experience on eCommerce websites increasingly mirrors that on social media, an endless scroll product feed — a highly Instagram-like experience — can result in users paying 73% more than if they explored things on different sites.

For example, the Nike mega-store has upgraded its changing rooms by introducing digital interfaces from which customers may request clothes in various colors and sizes. The House of Vans London location has gone above and above, hosting films and concerts and even constructing an indoor skate park.

Meanwhile, customers at the Dr. Martens Camden store may use virtual reality and GIF booths, as well as have their DM boots and shoes customized in-store while they wait. New cafés, author events, sampling sessions, fashion exhibits, art exhibitions, interactive product displays, and hologram meet and greet characters are all on the rise.

All of these factors contribute to brands providing a better in-store shopping experience for their customers. However, Virgin Mobile creates individual movies for clients in which they can examine their monthly mobile and WiFi data usage as well as the number of text messages received.

This is presented as a Pacman-style game, replete with 80’s game sounds and design, in which the character moves around the Pacman board, receiving points for the quantity of data used. It’s a far more pleasurable experience than reading a boring sentence.

The goal of developing such experiences is to emotionally engage the customer. To put it another way, make them feel appreciated, good about themselves, and joyful. It goes beyond simply delivering personalized recommendations and focuses on providing highly relevant, interesting material in the format consumers choose, leaving them with a sense of satisfaction after shopping with you.

How does Retailtainment work?

How do we feel when we get a personalized recommendation on Spotify, discover new content on Facebook or Instagram, or settle in for the next Netflix binge. These kinds of platforms make us feel visible and deliver a steady supply of relevant, and entertaining material.

Retailtainment combines personalization, content-based interactions, engaging formats and methods for installing Tubomart pex, and the joy of shopping.

The final result is significantly more essential than a physical purchase, and the memory of the event makes a far more lasting effect than a standard purchasing routine. These experiences are regularly shared and recommended to others, leading to customer acquisition as well as customer loyalty.

Effective points of Retailtainment

If we talk about, retailtainment, e-commerce has a big edge over in-store retail: Marketers try to contact their target audiences where they are already engaging more and try to get new audiences online. However, for execution, a video or sound is also required. Since not every firm is capable to execute a retailtainment promotion with the same degree of effectiveness.

If companies want to create an audience, then they need to value the provider and must be properly suited to their needs. A great retailtainment strategy will always be incorporated with the following crucial components.

  1. Connection: Successful retailtainment approaches, as you can see, generate a personal bond in clients and give them an impression of the items and services. You must have a thorough understanding of your target audience group.
  2. Originality: Many companies such as bodHOST are already capitalizing on the retailtainment trend. To keep a competitive advantage, you must not only be authentic but also surprise and persuade your client with brilliant ideas.
  3. Trustworthy: First of all, you must acquire the trust of your clients, and to achieve success in your business, your customers must have faith in the technical procedures.
  4. Unpredictability: Campaigns that purchasers may not necessarily expect at first are also tested and true, such as selling items in a game, such as using Shopify’s Unity Buy SDK.
  5. Interactivity: The purpose of retailtainment is to captivate customers’ attention and leave them with a lasting impression. Interactivity is essential in accomplishing this. Finally, customers remember activities they conduct for themselves.

Retailtainment is a subset of CX that strives to provide customers with pleasurable experiences. In today’s customer-centric marketplace, being able to provide such experiences is critical for avoiding competition and acquiring and retaining new customers.

While retailtainment can take many forms, for online businesses, the experience is digital, which necessitates brands having the required infrastructure, such as the cloud server hosting, in place to deliver it.

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