Benefits of Managed Hosting for eCommerce Websites

January 19, 2022 / Web Hosting

Web hosting companies help to run an eCommerce website on shared servers, dedicated servers, VPS servers, or the cloud. You should be familiar with all aspects of your managed hosting company, as they are in charge of the hardware, operating system (OS), and system software.

They normally assist you in configuring the hardware, installing and configuring the software, as well as the charges for system maintenance, patching, system monitoring, and sending updates, as well as providing you with 24/7 technical support by phone and chat.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server (or servers) is a type of Internet hosting in which a physical server (or servers) is dedicated to a single business customer. The consumer has complete control over the system, allowing them to tailor it to their own needs, such as performance and security. These servers are also known as managed dedicated hosting or solitary hosting. A single customer will have access to the servers, memory, and a powerful fully dedicated network. It is also a valid option if you want to shift your infrastructure to the cloud.

When it comes to shared hosting, various types of network or local storage solutions are also available. Customers that choose managed hosting servers benefit from dedicated management and monitoring, which means they are in charge of all infrastructure administration, maintenance, and support from their hosting companies.

The advantage of using managed hosting services is that it removes them from the responsibility of server maintenance. Hosting companies have discovered that leasing day-to-day infrastructure and managing the hardware supply chain saves them money because they don’t have to deal with it.

Why Should You Choose a Managed Hosting Company?

Any firm that wishes to keep its data safe and secure needs managed hosting services. When compared to shared services, managed servers are better because they save money and improve the productivity of your website and business.

  1. Web Application Hosting
  2. High-performance computing
  3. Data analytics
  4. Data storage and Backup 24/7
  5. Disaster Recovery data
  6. Increased Security

Benefits of managed hosting for eCommerce businesses

Now that we have a better understanding of what managed dedicated host is, let’s take a closer look at how it benefits eCommerce businesses.

Oppressive Management

It is the most important advantage of choosing managed dedicated hosting services since it is safe, dedicated to one individual, and includes phone and chat support. It provides additional security, which requires continuous monitoring. It has shown to be highly advantageous, especially for eCommerce firms and businesses.


It requires a specialist or essential person with adequate expertise to run the hosting solution in-house. It implies that the corporation will incur additional employee costs, which may be readily avoided by providing managed hosting with technical assistance.

Website Loading Speed

The appearance of your website must be engaging, but if the speed of your website is slow, it will harm search engine rankings and may cause users to leave. This will also boost your website’s bounce rate. It’s been calculated that every second spent waiting for your page to load costs you between 6% and 9% of your entire income. If you look at some of the other websites, you’ll see that they have slowing tendencies that could be enhanced by changing the website settings. It can also be caused by the server’s speed.

Active management

One of the most substantial advantages of managed hosting is that it aids in problem prevention. Security scans, performance monitoring, and other software all help the service provider in detecting and fixing problems. It is always on and monitoring your daily activity, as well as daily backups.


Many eCommerce businesses, especially those without the in-house skills to operate their servers, benefit from managed hosting. It allows you to outsource the more technical aspects of running your online business while simultaneously boosting the performance and security of your site.

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