Here’s How: Cloud Migration Enhances Customer Experience

August 21, 2020 / Cloud Hosting

cloud migration

Migration to the Cloud comes with several benefits. Some of these post-migration benefits include- cost and financial savings, improved agility, robust security and, most importantly, hindrance-free services. Another overlooked benefit- enhancing customer experience. Besides enhancing customer experience, migration to the Cloud also drives positive results such as the trust and satisfaction of an end-user, brand engagement and, most importantly, securing his company’s company digital reputation.

For any business to grow and succeed, user experience is undisputedly the most significant factor. An online published report states that over 80% of businesses perceive customer experience as a force that helps in differentiating amongst the competitors. Also, in the near future, customer experience will emerge as the key reason why a brand is considered to be superior over others.

Cloud Migration and Customer Experience

When we talk about the online or digital world, customers want immediate, unlimited and continuous access to various pieces of information, products or services. If any service provider hasn’t leveraged the services of Cloud Computing, then he will surely be deprived of the opportunities associated with Cloud. Migration to the Cloud through a trusted Cloud Hosting provider offers the required tools and services that a business will need to stay ahead in today’s competitive and on-demand marketplace.

So, the following are ways how Cloud is boosting customer experience-

  • Allows Customers to Have a 24/7 Access to Products and Services

Those days are gone when the customer would have to wait for a business to operate in its scheduled working hours. Today, the customers demand for online operations that are readily available at all times for an array of functions. The customers also look to make sure that the products and services of a business are accessible from anywhere using any connected device.

With the migration to Cloud, businesses get enhanced flexibility to arrange all the things in a single place. In today’s time, when everyone is forced to work from home, employees of a business can connect to their workplace applications with an active Internet connection and resolve all the customer inquiries on the go. These help companies to expand their essential operations by minimizing costs. Using AI-based chatbots can be used for answering various queries even out of the business hours.

  • Serves as One-Stop Solution

For customers, it can be quite annoying if they can’t access the desired products and services through a single point of contact, be it- online or offline.

But with Cloud migration, this issue is addressed significantly as all the tools and services can be integrated with the customers’ demands, resulting in lower bouncing off from the website. The applications that are available in the Cloud have easy-to-use interfaces from which they can manage the required services from a single point of contact. In case the customer needs any form of support, or if they are facing a problem, they can use the same Cloud interface from anywhere, anytime, irrespective of the device they use.

  • Enhanced Personalized Experience

Today most of the people often associate Cloud with data privacy; however, customers get privileged when the companies offer them personalized shopping experiences. Customers find it great when they find customized products and services addressing their needs. When businesses provide tailored solutions, it helps them in enhancing their sales. It turns out to be a win-win case for customers as well as companies both.

The reason why Cloud helps significantly providing personalized experience is because of the huge amount of data that is collected and made available. Websites can track the shopping history of the customers and then offer them suggestions based on their likings and choices. The Cloud can provide personalized experience after it has been collected, processed, and analyzed. Cloud provides unlimited storage for storing huge volumes of data.

  • Improving the Brand Trustworthiness

A Cloud also offers various ways to enhance the reputation of a business’s brand. Cloud hosting provides high availability at all times to the business, along with the adequate security mechanisms that minimize the risk of a cyberattack. Cloud-based tools also offer an umbrella of options that can be used for ensuring customer needs are managed quickly. All these things together ensure that an online business is reliable as well as trustworthy.

Concluding Remarks

On a concluding note, Cloud migration helps in significantly enhancing customer experience and also attracting potential new customers and also retaining the old & loyal customers. Cloud offers businesses a competitive advantage by providing 24/7 access, along with integrated services and much more personalized experiences.

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