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July 24, 2012 / Dedicated Servers
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bodHOST Linux dedicated servers are offered with the choice of cPanel/WHM and Plesk if you require a web-based control panel through which you can manage your dedicated server and any hosting-related services, for example, clients and web hosting plans. As the only other method of management available to you as a Linux dedicated server administrator is through SSH, a web hosting control panel is strongly recommended as an addition to your hosting package so that you are able to fully utilize the features and power that a dedicated server can offer.

The most popular control panel for Linux servers in any case is cPanel; not only is cPanel a low-cost control panel suite, but it also uses system resources efficiently to ensure that your server remains stable, even when under load. Some of the core features of cPanel include:

  • cPanel comes in two parts: the cPanel control panel is designed for end-users to manage their own shared hosting accounts and websites, whilst the WHM control panel is slightly more complicated in its features and GUI with the main aim of allowing system administrators and resellers to manage their part of the deal effectively
  • Along with the previous benefit, cPanel is also available in two different packages depending on whether you are using a VPS server or a dedicated server; this is at the core of the control panel’s ability to effectively use the resources that it has available
  • Full support for the management of MySQL databases is also possible through Plesk, specifically with the aid of the PHPMyAdmin database management system.

cPanel is often seen as being the most complete solution available to Linux system administrators and is the ideal platform for anyone with a Linux Dedicated Server who is looking to start their own web hosting business. Like any other web hosting control panel, cPanel offers the facilities necessary to create and maintain your own web hosting clients, based around your own web hosting plans.

We here at Bodhost can also offer you the Plesk control panel for your Linux dedicated server, but we don’t feel that this can offer you the same benefits and features as cPanel. Along with Plesk, we can provide installation services for any control panel that you wish to use on your Linux Server.

Windows Control Panels

With our Windows dedicated hosting plans, you will find that you are more limited with the choice of control panel offered by Bodhost as we only support Plesk on our Windows servers. However, you shouldn’t let this change your mind about choosing Bodhost as your Windows dedicated hosting provider because Plesk is one of the most feature-rich web hosting control panels available for the Windows platform. Some of the features offered by Plesk that you will find useful include:

  • Full support is offered for ASP.NET 4.0, the latest version of the framework, so that you and your hosting clients are able to retain full control of how the framework impacts your hosting environment and any applications that have been developed using it
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Server (for Windows) can both be integrated into Plesk so that you are able to manage the databases hosted by both applications from the control panel
  • Support for various other third-party applications is also included with Plesk to aid the security of the web hosting environment through virus detection on the server and performing backups of the data hosted on a regular basis.

If there is another web hosting control panel that you would like to use with your Windows dedicated server then you should contact bodHOST 24×7 support team as they can offer assistance with the installation of a number of different applications; however, it should be noted that you will need to purchase and supply your own license in the case of commercial applications.

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