Microsoft eCommerce Dedicated Servers

August 20, 2008 / Dedicated Server Hosting

Applications installed on a Windows dedicated Server also include Commerce Server. It is basically a e-commerce platform that is used for developing, deployment, management and application up gradation. Microsoft Commerce Server manages online business by integrating 3rd party applications as well as custom site building. It also provides features in different languages as well as currency management. It is an application that smartly manages the interface of the server. It also brings in a broader perspective to bring in more sales through trading community and systems.

It also eases out purchase from clients as well as processing orders. It also provides aspect to advertise targeted market. It saves time and money with supplier integration. With tools and analysis, it’s E-business has a complete different scenario. Efficient management through product catalog, pricing, advertising campaigns and e-business. Commerce Server 2007 delivers flexibility and building faster and powerful XML Web Services-enabled online business solutions. It supports .NET / ASP.NET as well which are one of the main components.

It provides high-scalability, management, performance and security. Standard data encryption and different authentication for provides security to data. With per-installed components and third-party applications, it reduces the cost of purchasing different applications.