Why VPS Hosting Is Better Than Dedicated Hosting?

July 22, 2011 / VPS Hosting

About VPS hosting :

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. It is one kind of website hosting where different operating system for different users in a single physical server. This technology permit the provider to differentiate and create many virtual servers from one physical server. User have to share the server which includes the hardware itself and the connection. But, user get profit which is very comparable to dedicated hosting such as their private operating system and file system, permeating freedom of accessibility and security. Therefore, this configuration can be advised as an environment in between a shared and a dedicated hosting. Ultimately, an advanced performance and privacy can be achieved at a lesser cost than for a dedicated hosting.

About Dedicated hosting :

Dedicated hosting is one kind of web hosting which is also well known as dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service. In this case user purchase the whole server, they don’t shared with anyone. This hosting plan is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server, with their selected OS hardware etc. Server administration can normally be offered by the hosting provider as an add-on service. In many cases a dedicated server can provided less overhead and a big return on investment.

Which is Better?

Now it is a common topic to discussion that which is better- VPS or Dedicated. The proper answer is both. VPS and Dedicated both Server are very useful, but every person in different areas of IT world where they can find their maximum ability. Based on how your business will developed you decide the proper hosting plan between shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server. Those business owner who just want start their business they can choose shared hosting to see how the things will evolve. After some time as per their requirements they can choose VPS hosting and after that they can choose dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting advantage over the dedicated hosting :

The basic advantages of VPS hosting over dedicated hosting is flexibility of the dedicated server. With VPS you can choose your preferable resources for your server setup, and also can upgrade those when you require. You do not get these advantages with dedicated hosting. One more thing about VPS hosting is it’s cost is cheaper than dedicated hosting. There are so-many software’s and applications on internet, but some software and applications create problem with installations process in visualized environment, especially when when it comes to Antivirus software. To avoid this problem you have to select those software and applications which can complete your basic requirements. On the another side you do not have to face these kind of problem with dedicated hosting because there is no resources sharing process with virtualization.

But there are many websites those don’t require different types of software and applications. Those website’s basic requirements are excellent uptime, security in a low cost. The cost of Dedicated hosting is too much. So VPS hosting would be absolutely suitable for those websites.

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