Why Are Backups So Crucial For A WordPress Website Security?

January 23, 2023 / WordPress Hosting


Your business could be big, small, or anything in between, but it can still fall victim to hacking. Hackers are not selective about the businesses they target. Your website and database can experience harm due to a number of reasons. Due to this creating backups is extremely important. Let’s take a look at what backups are so crucial for WordPress website security.

Backups keep your data secure in case of server outages

Unfortunately, 100% uptime can never be assured as servers are prone to encountering server structure changes, software errors, hard drive failures, and much more that could result in a crash. 

Server downtime can occur at any time due to any reason. If your files do not have backups or if your backups are saved on the same server as the originals, you could be headed for a huge disaster. You will end up losing the backups and originals in one go.

If your website is down, there will also be no backups to restore. Thankfully, there are backup services that can create backups for you automatically at a remote place. So even if your server goes down, you can restore your lost data and keep on working without delay.

Issues during updates

Updates are crucial to ensure your website functions efficiently. There might also be times when things might require updates if they malfunction. You should carry out these updates whenever necessary, just employ ample security measures.

An automatic backup system can be extremely useful to keep a copy ready for restoration in case your update causes you to lose your crucial data. You might also want to have a manual backup complete of your entire database before you go for an update. While it might take some time for backups to be complete, at least you won’t have to worry about losing your data forever.

Human error

Even if you take all the measures possible to keep your system safe from outside threats, you could still end up compromising your data due to some human error. Since all humans are prone to make mistakes at some point, you could lose your data as a result of it. 

While you might try to recover it on your own, it is better to have a professional data backup to ensure your WordPress website can function smoothly without any downtime. 

Data loss prevention

As mentioned above, human error could cause you to lose your data without any way of retrieving it if you do not have a backup. A backup ensures that regardless of the cause of your data loss, it can still be recovered easily and quickly so that your website can keep on going. 

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In case you do not have your data backed up, months or years of your work will be lost to you forever. It will also cause prolonged downtime which will hurt your brand and alienate your customers. You might never win their trust again. This is why you should always have a backup of your entire website and database, along with your personal data.

If data loss prevention is your priority, as it should be, you should take several other steps for their protection including creating multiple backups and storing them in a variety of remote locations. Create a backup redundancy on your server, while keeping a backup on the cloud as well.

Website hacking

Your WordPress website, just like every other website on the internet, has to face the possibility of being hacked. A hacking attack is the bane of every website owner’s existence. It could range from losing your data or it being stolen to then be misused. 

Once your website falls into the hands of hackers, you have no access to it. There is no way to retrieve your data. While you can employ a lot of security measures including two-factor authentication and SSL certificates, your WordPress website will still have vulnerabilities that can be exploited, regardless of your best attempts to secure it.

Only having up-to-date WordPress website backups will save the situation from undoing your entire progress. This will help you restore your website, and patch the vulnerability that you might be hacked using. This will ensure it does not happen again.


Ensuring you have an efficient backup solution strategy will ensure your database is fortified in case there is a breach and your original data is lost. When you are creating a backup, keep these things in mind. Ensure you create backups of your WordPress website as often as possible so that you have the latest version available to be restored. your backup storage should be created with added redundancy.

When you store and transfer your backup, ensure that it is extremely safe. Ensure you use a backup plugin that has a wide range of features. Creating backups using these measures will ensure your website’s safety.    

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