9 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

August 26, 2019 / WordPress Hosting

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A managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service that is focused on WordPress sites only and everything that a managed hosting company does is optimized for WordPress. Besides the hardware and WordPress-level expertise, a managed host typically includes additional services and features that are designed to simplify the burden of the site owners.

Following are the 9 reasons why one should select managed WordPress hosting for their websites-

1. Constant Support from WordPress Experts

Most of the companies in the hosting domain offer some support, but in case of a managed WordPress provider, one can rely on a team of WordPress experts. As a managed hosting provider focuses only on a single CMS, the people working behind the product tend to be more experienced in it and can handle a large number of queries about WordPress.

Additionally, the managed hosts prioritize the support that is offered to the customers, and one can find things such as- 24×7 chat, in-app ticketing or even community forums. By using secure WordPress hosting, it is more like having an outsourced IT department that houses a team of experts, and one can tap in whenever the user feels the need. It proves to be advantageous when the user runs a business.

2. Best WordPress Security Practices

Security is a significant concern for all those who’re running a business online. Using managed WordPress hosting isn’t though a fool-proof method of protecting the website, one can still reap the benefits that are present and have built-in security enhancements. Managed hosting providers tend to offer nightly backups of the user’s website with which users can quickly restore in case of any disaster.

Besides backups, managed hosts also optimize the servers for WordPress security, so that users don’t need to be worried about the security plugins. Also, the most critical security feature that a managed host can offer includes its ability to remove the malware, and in case the user’s website is hacked, a managed WordPress host’s support team helps in cleaning up the malware.

3. Having One-Click Staging Sites 

To avoid the risk of a white screen of death, one should always make small changes in the staging environment. A WordPress staging area refers to the copy of the user’s website in a development environment, thus making it an excellent place for safely experimenting before pushing the changes. It can be a great addition to any site owner’s workflow.

Most of the managed WordPress hosts often include a staging site with a plan or offer as an additional add-on. Usually, it takes only a few clicks to set up a staging site and take away the changes in real-time, thereby making it easy for anyone who wishes to keep the production site safe.

4. Features Beyond Server Setups

Fast and secure servers are critical for any website that has a high performance. One of the significant benefits that a managed WordPress hosting provider is that they carry out all the services besides setting up servers. This often includes workflow tools, collaboration features along with educational resources.

Managed hosting offers much more than providing a server, and this is the reason why they are the best option for any business. Though, the specific features for every managed WordPress hosting are going to vary, finding the one that is designed to support the ideal workflow of an individual’s business can prove to make a significant impact on the value that an individual gets out of it.

5. Easy Installation of SSL Certificates

By having a managed WordPress host, it becomes straightforward to install the SSL certificate on the website. The managed hosting providers play a significant role to make the installation of SSL certificates easier by making it accessible to all website owners. Usually, the process of installing the SSL certificates involves a bunch of back-and-forth communication between the hosting provider and the certificate.

But, with a managed WordPress hosting provider, the process of installing SSL certificates comes down to a few steps only. As it is often perceived as an online practice, most of the managed WordPress hosting providers offer free SSL certificates, and for an individual who is seeking an advanced SSL certificate, a managed hosting provider can be of great help.

6. Easy Management of the Site

When the websites are hosted using a managed WordPress host, everything remains organized at place. Besides a clean interface for accessing the sites, a managed WordPress host also looks after the updates on behalf of the business owner.

The updates generally include- the core updates of WordPress, PHP updates, and at times even updates related to themes or plugins This helps the users to save on time in case they’re managing a large number of client sites, thus, giving them more bandwidth for newer tasks. By working with a managed WordPress host, the user can have a hassle-free setup for both him as well as his clients.

7. Quicker Access to Development Tools

A managed WordPress host makes the common developer tools easy to access, to begin with, the hosting application. Some of the important actions that can be performed using the managed WordPress host could include- flushing out the cache, toggling the development mode, turning on the wp_cache and wp_debug, exporting logs, managing the database, and even accessing the SFTP.

Also, there are staging sites and local development environments that are available with a managed host. The user can club in all the features together, making it an efficient development workflow no matter how many sites the user is working on

8. No More Plugins Needed

When the user partners with a managed WordPress host, the managed hosting providers take care of the basic site optimizations on behalf of the user. Although plugins are not inherently problematic, it is often considered as a best practice to use a few numbers of plugins.

The website seems to have a better performance besides staying on top of plugins becomes easier. An updated plugin offers better site security. By managing a site on the WordPress host, one can deactivate- backup plugins, caching plugins, security plugins, and performance plugins.

9. Pure Focus on Hosting

This is the largest benefit that managed WordPress hosting offers. The team focuses purely only on managed hosting, thereby allowing the users to focus on their websites.

Besides, all the site benefits, the additional workflows help to ensure that businesses become more efficient and improve the users to collaborate with the internal team and the clients. Though the costs may be higher than the shared hosting plans, one reaps a lot more from a managed host as compared to the shared hosts.

 Managed WordPress hosting offers simple and easy solutions to those who’re operating WordPress websites, primarily when a business is run on these sites. They tend to provide several benefits and undoubtedly help in saving time and escape the stress related to the manual setting up of servers.

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