Which Would Be Suitable For Your Business: VPS Hosting Or VPN

April 6, 2012 / VPS Hosting Web Hosting

Sometimes, many business owners face problems to take decisions about technical points because they don’t have much more technical knowledge and various technical terms are thrown around and naturally, they are likely to confuse some of them. There are many people who cannot differentiate between VPS hosting and VPN. Though the acronyms are very common, but they provide completely different services. Let’s get a brief idea about VPS hosting and VPN and also know that which would be better for you.

Overview of VPS hosting : Virtual Private Server hostingvps servers

Virtual Private Server hosting

VPS hosting is one kind of hosting plan. VPS hosting offers more security, reliability and flexibility like dedicated hosting with a little more cost than shared hosting. In case of VPS hosting, many virtual servers are created on a single physical server. Every virtual server owner can install or uninstall their preferred software and also they can reboot their server as they wish. So, we can say that VPS hosting owners get more control over their server. VPS hosting would be suitable for the small business owners who want good security, fast performance, better uptime with low cost.

Overview of VPN : virtual private network

The secure VPN network is created using public telecommunication networks such as the Internet. Those who are on the move constantly, or remotely located offices can stay connected to the main organizational network through VPN.

As a security over VPN, the remote users use the firewall and encryption to secure the data, which prevents the information from being disclosed to unauthorized persons.

We can differentiate the VPN’s in to two types. One is remote access VPNs(Client-to-Server) and another one is site to site VPNs (Server-to-Server). Remote access VPNs or client to server are suitable for those users who don’t have particular location or roaming users, as for example : salespeople.

Remote access VPNs(Client-to-Server)

On the other hand in case of site to site VPNs (Server-to-Server) are suitable for those users who have a particular location, as for example : regional offices.

Site to site VPNs(Server-to-Server)

Which Would Be a Suitable Option :

If you want to share private information through the internet with other offices or users who work with you, then you require the VPN or virtual private network. Maximum business owners avoid VPN to protect the important information or data from hackers. If you want more control over your website than shared hosting, then you have to choose VPS hosting plan for your web site. You can manage your website with VPS hosting as you wish, on the other hand VPN helps you to manage the transaction of your organization, it can be employee to employee, or branch to branch. Before taking any decision you have to think about your business type, size, and data security. If you have to manage a website and also you have to share information in different regional offices through the internet then you require VPS hosting and VPN, both services.

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