What Is Virtual Server And How Does It Work

August 2, 2011 / VPS Hosting

If you are a business owner then you know very well that now online presence is very important for every business. In order to complete that requirement you will have to choose a proper website hosting provider for yourself that will match your requirements and also your budget.

You have to know about requirements in detail first as it will assist you to choose the suitable hosting plan for you. If you are a small business owner and want to make online presence then you can choose Shared Hosting plan. Shared hosting plan is the cheapest and hence also known as Cheap Hosting. In this plan you will be able to find prices for as low as $1.09 per month on the web. But in case of shared hosting You can’t customize this plan. If you have a big amount of visitors coming to your website every day then Shared Hosting can’t help you. In that case you have to choose something better than shared hosting which can manage more website traffic, give you a more customized environment and keep your server secured all the time.

Dedicated hosting is another hosting plan. It can fulfill your all requirements but it is costly than another hosting plan. There are many business owners who want to use dedicated hosting but don’t have that much budget. There is one option for those business owners, they can use VPS hosting. It is three times less expensive than a Dedicated Server. A Virtual Server works on the idea of virtualization. In this case a physical server is differentiated into many virtual servers with a virtual partition between them.

  1. Virtual Server has its own RAM and disk space. You can customize it as per your requirements.
  2. Users get their favorite operating system. You can reboot your virtual server when you want.
  3. Your virtual Server can manage your website traffic independently.
  4. Your hosting provider will be responsible ti maintain and update your virtual server in regular basis.
  5. You do not have to worry about your backups. Your hosting provider would be responsible for that. But keep in mind before you choose any hosting provider that you have to ask them about backup schedule. Because hosting providers schedule their backup schedule on every day or weekly basis.
  6. Now maximum hosting providers manage your virtual server free of cost. You do not have to appoint an employee to manage your server. In that way you can save money.
  7. You can install and uninstall applications and also software of your choice. In this way we can say that you get better control over your server.

If you think about Virtual Server then there are so many advantages available with virtual server. But you have to verify some points before you select this hosting plan. You have to verify the amount of resources, quality of server management and also support quality which is provided by your hosting provider. You have to choose the suitable plan and hosting provider otherwise you do not get success in your business.

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