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Top 8 Reasons Why Virtualization is Important for SMBs


It’s a saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. It is a common sense advice which several IT managers use to explain the reason why their infrastructure isn’t virtualized yet. There have been several virtualization technologies found since over a decade but some businesses prefer only the dedicated servers with proven reliability.

For instance, where raw performance is required – like database clusters for huge real-time data crunching applications, physical servers are better. Suppose security is critical, dedicated servers prove to be better than cloud systems. read more

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Do you have the Virtual Server Battery Backup Plan?


A lot of chaos is being heard on virtual machines and fault tolerance, however, what happens when there’s a power shut down. It’s easy for larger businesses to keep their VMs running with generators, but what about those companies which are completely dependent on server battery backup. It’s become essential to build up an approach to save the power depletion and eliminate the obstacles to keep the challenging VMs online throughout the outage.

When the servers are forced to run on batteries after the power cutoff, the company should focus on keeping the systems running for a long time and to identify the time to initiate a shut down, for the servers to power off gracefully, prior to the exhaustion of the battery. Though all this appears to be simple and easy, managing the battery power is an art. read more

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What is Enterprise Cloud and Its Benefits to Enterprises?

I know that when I ask the question “What is Enterprise Cloud” some people might scoff. A fact that, all the cloud infrastructures and cloud service providers vary in various things and not all the methods can offer the same value as expected by the IT industry. Within the cloud arena, most of the people are aware of only three clouds – Public, Private and Hybrid which are well established. However, a new model known as “Enterprise Cloud” has taken place in the cloud arena.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting is much similar to the Private and Public clouds and offers the same advantages in terms of greater flexibility, instant provisioning of computing power as well as a virtualized and fully scalable environment. The same “private access” is provided by an Enterprise Cloud as you would get in a private cloud. These enterprise clouds are either controlled by an organization or a group of businesses. Similar to other deployment models of cloud, the services in the Enterprise cloud are delivered over the Internet, thus eliminating the need to buy hardware. The commercial grade components usually offer the usability, more features and greater uptime required by an organization. read more

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No Cloud Without Virtualization – Benefits of Virtualization with Cloud Computing to Businesses

Cloud Hosting

Benefits of a Well Planned Virtualization with Cloud Computing for Businesses

One of the biggest challenges the IT departments are facing today is to keep up their work environment. This is due to the need to maintain the IT infrastructure to be able to meet the current demand for services and applications, and also to ensure that in the critical situations of the company they are able to resume normal activities quickly. And here is where the big problem appears.

Many of the IT departments are working on their physical limit, logical and economical. Their budget is very small and grows on average of 1% a year, while managing the complexity grows at an exponential rate. IT has been viewed as a real cost center and not as an investment, as I have observed in most of the companies. read more

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What Is Virtual Server And How Does It Work

If you are a business owner then you know very well that now online presence is very important for every business. In order to complete that requirement you will have to choose a proper website hosting provider for yourself that will match your requirements and also your budget.

You have to know about requirements in detail first as it will assist you to choose the suitable hosting plan for you. If you are a small business owner and want to make online presence then you can choose Shared Hosting plan. Shared hosting plan is the cheapest and hence also known as Cheap Hosting. In this plan you will be able to find prices for as low as $2.55 per month on the web. But in case of shared hosting You can’t customize this plan. If you have a big amount of visitors coming to your website every day then Shared Hosting can’t help you. In that case you have to choose something better than shared hosting which can manage more website traffic, give you a more customized environment and keep your server secured all the time. read more

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