Virtuozzo vs VMware

July 23, 2011 / VPS Hosting

The word “virtualization” is similarly related to the two biggest names Virtuzzo and Vmware, although so many differences in features and functionality are present in these two solutions. Now we discuss their differences.

Flexibility :

The level of virtual server creation is the main difference between Virtuozzo and VMware. In the case of VMware, it creates different virtual servers directly with hardware on the other side Virtuozzo creates a different virtual server at the operating system (OS) level. With the Virtuozzo solution, every virtual server runs on common physical hardware which has to use a single common operating system.

That’s why there is a limitation on overall functionality. On the other side, VMware does not face this kind of issue, because it creates a virtual server at the hardware level. So, administrators can use their favorite operating systems. The great thing is that VMware permits users to use different flavors of Windows and also Linux to operate in harmony on a common host.

As we previously discussed, VMware creates a virtual server with hardware level so, it can offer virtual memory to users. Virtual memory is a very useful thing, it permits users to utilize free disk space as temporary storage for whichever applications run out of physical memory or RAM. It also develops the stability and performance level of the system tremendously.

On the other side Virtuozzo can provide a single operating system to all virtual servers and virtual memory is not present. If users have additional disk storage on their server then the whole disk work as a virtual memory.

Security and Reliability :

If all Virtual machines of a single physical server choose one common operating system to run then it would be a cause of weak security system and code faults. In this environment if any case any one operating system is hacked and the OS experiences a failure because of a bug in a software, then they all do.

Also, every new patch which you install on a Virtuozzo environment requires to be approved by the software provider. In the case of VMware, it can utilize critical operating system patches.

At the end of this discussion we can conclude that VMware permits users to virtual servers with excellent uptime, simple portability, and robustness on the other hand Virtuozzo is a OS-level virtualization and it has its own limits.

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