How To Save Money With bodHOST VPS Hosting

April 7, 2012 / VPS Hosting

The successful growth rate of the business depends on the online market. So, after starting any business, the business owner wants to create an online presence. They can capture worldwide market through online business. The business has just started or the main attractions of the business owners are their core business so, they don’t have more budget to create website and hosting their website. On the other hand, the successful growth rate of the business depends on the website design and web hosting. So, they can’t afford security or uptime problem.

There are many hosting plans in the web hosting market. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting plan. However, users can choose VPS hosting with little more cost than shared hosting for more security, reliability, uptime and more control over the server. Once the business owners decide that the VPS hosting would be suitable for them then they can reduce the cost in different ways.

How to create a cheap VPS hosting?

  1. Choose proper operating system : There are mainly two operating systems are available for VPS hosting. One is Linux operating system, and another one is Windows operating system. Linux is an open-source operating system, means it is free of cost and windows is a Microsoft’s product, and it has license cost. So, Linux operating system is cheaper option than the windows operating system. If your website isn’t developed using any Microsoft’s products, then you can choose Linux VPS hosting. It would be a cheaper option for you.
  2. Choose proper web hosting provider : There are many hosting providers in the web hosting market which offer you cheap VPS hosting, but you have to choose a suitable one for you. Before choosing any web hosting provider you have to check the following points about that hosting provider
    1. In case of hosting, the main point is security. So, you have to choose a hosting provider who offers you secure web hosting. Before selecting, you have to check the security system of the hosting provider.
    2. Your hosting provider must have to reliable.
    3. There are many hosting providers who offer you 99.95% uptime guarantee. But, make sure that you have to choose a web hosting provider who provides you 99.99% uptime guarantee.
    4. You have to know about your web hosting provider’s data backup schedule.
    5. Now a days maximum hosting providers provide 24/7 technical support and server monitoring. You have to make sure about it, before sign-up with the hosting provider.
    6. You can choose a hosting provider who offers you 30 days Money-Back Guarantee.
    7. You have to select a hosting provider who offers hosting plans with the cheapest rate with the above features.
    8. Proper hosting provider selection is a very important point to get success in your online business. You have to spend more time to research about it. You can go through the customers review to get a clear idea about the above-mentioned points
  3. Choose resources as per your requirements : You have to choose the hosting plan/ resources as per your requirements. So, at first you have to know about your requirements very well. Like : your requirements about memory, computation power, hard disk and also bandwidth. Then you can choose a proper hosting plan/ resources automatically. After some days, you can upgrade your plan as per your increased requirements.

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  1. Choose proper web hosting provider for VPS:
    1) Multiple Choice of Control Panel
    2) Top Notch Technical Support
    3) Generous Cost Effective Plans
    4) Scalable
    5) Uptime

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