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Delivering Continuous Innovation via DevOps

No business is immune from rapidly changing conditions. In today’s market, anything less than continuous innovation can put a business in danger. Fast wireless and faster fiber ensure that companies can connect with their customers a wink of an eye or respond to a tweet within a fraction of second. With such pace of the moving market, is your IT infrastructure prepared to engage the audience at that speed?

Delivering Continuous Innovation via DevOps

Infrastructure isn’t all about servers and apps rather a combination of developers, business leaders, and operations and security teams that work in tandem. Their main goal lies in automation improvement and accelerating the delivery of software for managing the critical functions of a business. read more

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Five Tips to Secure Your VPS and Dedicated Server


You may be a blogger or a website owner, you will always prefer VPS or dedicated server for your blog or website.  But do you know how to secure your server or do you have that much time to think upon it? No, right? So here are five simple steps to secure your VPS and dedicated server –


1. Avoid Using Password to Access –

You always use the root account password to access your server but it isn’t a safe way. You need to generate and configure SSH key so that your client can access your server further as this will decrease the chances of getting hacked with your password. read more

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Discover the New Technique of OS Virtualization

OS VirtualizationToday, every business is struggling to reduce the IT costs with several techniques. Even a minute part of computing power is trying to use out of servers for this. But have you heard about one popular idea – consolidation?

There are some underused servers that are divided into multiple small and more operational fragments through consolidation. These pieces help in achieving higher server performance overall. Additionally, this also excludes the requirement of some physical servers. Apart from consolidation, various subdivision methods are available which take many forms – from the partitioning of the physical big iron servers to diverse software techniques like virtual machines (VMs). read more

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Decreasing Operating Costs With The Use Of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Decreasing Operating Cost with Virtual Machines

In the technological crazed society that is today, small businesses and startups face great difficultly attempting to compete with their bigger and wealthier counterparts. Many small business owners will opt for Windows apps and software, in order to manage, operate and promote their businesses. This was not possible in the past, as a hosted dedicated server would have been a necessity. Although the business may be small, the operating and maintenance costs can still be massive. This is especially true, when it comes to maintaining dedicated servers. read more

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Virtualizing With Hyper V And Virtuozzo – Which Is Best?

Hyper-v vs Virtuozzo

Over the years, technology has changed and new innovations have been discovered. Many businesses are making the transition to virtualization, because it can provide them with so many exceptional benefits. What is this term and can it help your business? You will be able to find out, by reading through the information below.

What Is Virtualization?

Despite the advancements, a lot of consumers are still unfamiliar with this term. In actuality, the concept isn’t incredibly complex. When embracing virtualization, you will actually run a system on top of an existing system. This approach can be taken with a variety of different things, including servers and networks. read more

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