VPS Hosting: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

June 17, 2020 / VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

In the web Hosting domain, various Hosting options have emerged with time. Today, anyone who is looking to host a website has several options to choose from and it becomes difficult to decide the best one. However, this decision should be made as per one’s business requirements and needs. Talking about VPS Hosting, it is comparatively a new web Hosting type that has grown over the past few years now. As a web hosting provider, bodHOST ensures that you get the best of VPS Hosting. In this blog, we will give you every detail about this latest form of web Hosting that you ever wanted to know.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In this form of Hosting, the physical server is present at a data center and this depends on the Hosting provider. A VPS comprises of a partitioned portion out of all the servers, having independent resources like operating system, bandwidth and disk space. These physically present servers may be divided into multiple yet different VPS or dedicated or shared servers. A VPS server can be deployed to work in a similar manner, like dedicated servers. Also, VPS server Hosting offers easy customizability to its users.

Working of VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting leverages the experience of a dedicated server even though the user continues to share the physical servers along with other users. Your web hosting provider helps in installing a virtual atop an operating system of the server with the help of virtualization. This virtual layer separates the server into different components having virtual falls, allowing each user to install his OS and software. In the case of VPS hosting, the user’s website remains confined in a secure container environment with resources like- memory, disk space, CPU cores without sharing all these with others on the server.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

For some website owners, VPS Hosting can be no less than a blessing. It plays a perfect intermediate beneficiary role between the shared and dedicated hosting services.

The following are some crucial reasons why you should opt/upgrade to VPS Hosting-

  1. Higher Performance In case you have a website that is slow in loading, then it is definitely going to hurt your customers and, ultimately, your website. In case you are noticing a declining performance of your website, it’s time that you should make your move to VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting can prove to of great help as it can handle a high volume of traffic on your website. Additionally, with this hosting, you get the ability to scale your server-based resources as per the traffic volume without disturbing your website performance.
  2. Enhanced Total Security As your website grows with time, there are high chances that your website might encounter a rise in security threats. Despite following the best practices like using a website vulnerability scanner, there are chances that security issues might bloom. With VPS Hosting, you get enhanced levels of security. Your website remains completely protected from others who are using the same server without having any direct impact on your website. Thus, you can deploy robust security mechanisms and protocols for your website.
  3. Great Value for Money It is often perceived that VPS Hosting might not fit everyone’s budget; however, it still offers excellent value for money for the resources that you access. It gives higher levels of performance and security protocols that bind your website. When compared to other hosting options, VPS Hosting does offer high-quality without paying an extra penny. Considering factors like- no resource sharing, better performance, enhanced security, you should not hesitate to go the extra mile and select VPS hosting.

Uses of VPS Hosting

Besides website hosting, VPS Hosting has a wide array of applications. VPS hosting can prove to be an effective hosting choice in the following cases as well-

  1. Hosting Personal Server There are various reasons why a user wants to use VPS hosting solutions besides his website hosting. Since the user has his own set of resources, he can deploy VPS hosting for creating a virtual ground for extra online activities.
  2. Testing of New Applications If a user is continually looking to deploy his web applications or even have testing of his customized server setups, he can opt for VPS hosting. The reason behind opting for VPS hosting is evident that the user an appropriate server environment at cost-effective monthly prices.
  3. Extra File Storage Users often tend to create backups of their critical files; however, opting for a cloud-based solution may not be a practical option. If the user is looking for secured, accessible and cost-effective backups, then there is nothing better than a VPS hosting.  

Comparing Windows and Linux VPS Hosting

Determining the correct OS-based VPS  (Windows or Linux) has a direct impact on how effectively you are going to manage your VPS hosting. Each of these OS-based VPS comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


When you are finding a VPS hosting provider, you must make a wise choice to either go for Windows VPS or Linux VPS . Despite several differences and their respective usages, Windows and Linux VPS Hosting can be compared on certain parameters like- pricing, security, server access, etc.

The following table shows a detailed comparison between these two OS-based VPS hosting-



On a concluding note, VPS Hosting does offer key benefits and advantages to businesses as compared to other forms of web hosting. Talking in particular about website hosting, it offers enhanced levels of security, storage, and, most importantly, scalability in case of a website traffic surge. Besides website hosting, VPS hosting can be used for other purposes as well (mentioned in the article).

In case you are looking for a trusted VPS Hosting provider, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Team bodHOST for a dedicated & proactive 24×7 support for all your hosting-related queries.

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