Selection of Web Hosting: This or That?

August 18, 2011 / Dedicated Servers Web Hosting

Depending on the type of site you want to host, the choice of hosting is crucial. Although, we are here to assist you in this selection and help you to realize your requirements for hosting.

Three main factors to consider are:

  1. Traffic of a site (number of visitors simultaneously connected to the site average).
  2. The weight of the site (the size in bytes that the visitor will be loaded to display full pages of the site).
  3. Images and streaming video.

But first the meaning of these types of hosting?

Dedicated hosting; the technical capabilities of the server and the internet connection are critical in the speed of navigation for the customer. The principle of a dedicated hosting is to have a server whose resources are 100% for your website. The shared or vps hosting; the resources of these types being distributed among the different sites.

So what to choose?

In case of a personal site or small business site, you can opt vps or shared hosting. The advantage of theses types are the much lower cost. But after the massive visitors per day, it can quickly show its limitations.

For a large community site, e-commerce or containing streaming videos, go to 100% for a dedicated server hosting. Accommodation costs are of course much higher, but for a heavy site with lots of visitors, the investment in dedicated hosting is necessary in order to achieve success and you won’t annoy your visitors.

These are the common factors which need to be taken into account so that your visitors are satisfied with their visit.

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