VMware Automated Cloud Computing

September 10, 2011 / Cloud Hosting

VMware has the new version 5 of the operating system vSphere announced. It serves to increase the performance of applications that increase the availability of virtualized applications and improve the…

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Xen Dedicated Server

September 9, 2011 / Dedicated Servers

On Linux, there are applications like kernel (Xen, KVM) allows you to do virtualization on a dedicated server system; a set of applications, especially shared by “box” operating systems which…

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PHP Web Hosting

September 8, 2011 / Web Hosting

Are you interested in PHP hosting services? If you care about your online business or want to maintain your personal online appearance in impressive manner, it is important to have…

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Reseller Hosting Basics

August 16, 2011 / Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a unique concept that is practiced around the world by hosting providers. In this type of hosting, a reseller purchase a hosting account, and sell to…

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