The reasons for the success of videoconferencing over the Internet

August 5, 2011 / Dedicated Servers

Videoconferencing systems on the Internet also called “web conference” can transform your PC into a true virtual meeting room, interactive, available 24/7. You can meet people of your choice, they are in the same city as you or across the world.

Just utilize the benefits of VoIP . You can talk to your audience as if you were on the phone, but much more interactive, thanks to your Internet connection. Not only do you talk to them, but you can see and write to them directly, while exchanging documents. And all this at once, without moving.

Most providers offer this service in hosted on dedicate server. So you don’t need to own the server hardware, but you rent for a predetermined period.

The main advantages of this Service:

  • Significant reduction of logistics costs associated with meetings
  • Save time and energy
  • Control of IT spending (monthly payments of payments)
  • Period of rapid commissioning
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability ensured through continuous updates of the software
  • Exchange security provided by the provider (data encryption)

With video conferencing over the Internet, you save even more money than any material is to be expected, apart from a headset. The webcam is not mandatory, but it improves the quality of the exchanges. However, some of the service providers charge the time spent in videoconferencing (per minute) and number of participants. The unit rates are very low, but ultimately the cost will be prohibitive. Opt for flat rates include unlimited use of the software.

The applications of video conferencing are numerous. You can:

  • Quickly develop your network of partners and potential customers
  • Increase sales by increasing the presentation of your products or services through multimedia animations
  • Improve internal communication within your team, adapt your goals in real time and increase productivity
  • Offer seminars and interactive distance learning
  • Provide an unparalleled customer service through direct contact and reagents
  • Easily coordinate the organization of events by circulating information and making decisions quickly

You can imagine many other possibilities.

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