Advantages of Using Frontity for Your WordPress Projects

March 4, 2021 / WordPress Hosting

Advantages of Using Frontity for Your WordPress Projects

While building your website you’ll have a wide variety of JavaScript frameworks to choose from to help you make functional and attractive front ends. However, if you choose to use WordPress headless, you could easily get lost in the nitty-gritty of WordPress, as well as, using WordPress API in order to get data. Frontity is the perfect solution for all of your problems.

It is a framework that has been built to complement WordPress and all of its features. Frontity saves you a lot of time by automatically getting packages from the WordPress API and turning it into data that is then dealt with rather easily in the React code. This leaves you ample time to invest in your front end.

Frontity Can Support Multiple Sites From a Single Installation

Several websites can be supplied content from one Frontity installation. It can be a boon if it is your job to oversee numerous sites for your clients, like most freelancers or agency WordPress developers have to do. By starting and running several projects from one Frontity installation, you can reduce your administrative as well as set-up work.

Frontity offers separate packages for each one of your sites in case you choose to use one installation for several sites. Hence, you can make a customized setting for your individual WordPress projects.

Your Site’s Performance May Improve on Desktop and Mobile

The performance of your website can be significantly upgraded through the Frontity React framework. If you use Frontity to create your website, it loads its core code only once. If a component state changes, Frontity will only pick the required components and re-render them. After loading the page, the data and other routes will automatically be fetched by Frontity’s router. So there is no lag when your visitors visit your website and browse it.

To improve performance, even more, Serverless Pre-Rendering (SPR) is used on the go by Frontity to render HTML. In this way, Frontity aims to unite the constancy and speed of static rendering with the resourcefulness of dynamic data rendering. HTML is retained by a Content Delivery Network that then delivers it as static content.

Frontity takes the visitor experience to the next level by helping you create a website that is extremely efficient. This can help improve your key user metrics. Several companies have already had brilliant results from moving to Frontity.

Several factors can elevate the performance of your project. Content rendering and content editing resources are saved by making a headless setup the foundation of your Frontity project. You should choose a hosting provider that is compatible with your website’s needs as it can make a huge difference in the growth and output of your website. Pick the web hosting provider that focuses on performance.

Frontity Is Search Engine Optimized

One of the crucial ranking factors according to Google is the speed of your site. If you are looking to improve your (SEO) – Search Engine Optimization, Frontity is the best solution. It is a guaranteed way to increase your traffic and spike conversions. Google is known to gauge site speeds based on the time taken to the first byte. This can also be beneficial for your SEO.

Being a server-side framework, all of Frontity’s content is saved in HTML. This enables it to have a completely populated and knowledgeable HTML page to answer requests. This data is then forwarded to the user’s machine, followed by the construction of content by the browser which ends up being displayed on your webpage. It results in quicker loading of the initial page that lessens the time required to the first byte.

You’ll Have a variety of Hosting Options at Your Disposal

We’ve already taken a look at the benefits of Frontity on SEO and the website’s performance. It is of paramount importance to choose the perfect provider for your Frontity project as it will boost your performance and add to the SEO. If your web host is not compatible you cannot benefit from all the features Frontity offers.

You have an array of hosts to choose from for your Frontity project, as well as several WordPress hosting plans. Server less technologies are compatible with your Frontity server code as it is pretty small. It allows you to select the hosting provider that is compatible with the needs of your project.

Your Frontity project can be sent to any server less provider or Node.js server. You can also easily use Google functions, AWS Lambda, or Netlify. To get the best outcome, choosing a web hosting plan that is compatible with Node.js and easy to customize is recommended. Since your back end is WordPress, using your preferred WordPress plan is always a good idea.


WordPress development is more often than not a dog-eat-dog world. It is very hard to highlight your website among the huge tide of websites that WordPress powers. Hence, using modern frameworks like Frontity can be a boon to boost your WordPress project and make your mark.

The WordPress community has embraced Frontity for a number of reasons. One of its many benefits is the performance boost it provides your website, which in turn benefits user experience. It is also beneficial for SEO and works to improve your ranking factor on Google.

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