Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers – Essential for all Businesses

A website in today’s time is a must for individuals and businesses to reach their customers worldwide. A provider of dedicated server hosting offers individuals and businesses the platform and web space to develop their websites. Dedicated web hosting can be of several types – virtual private server hosting, and dedicated server hosting (Linux/Windows).

Dedicated hosting is a type of service where the provider has exclusive and absolute control of the server. This means that the server is not a common entity for other people or companies.

Linux Dedicated Servers:

Some of the basic features of Linux dedicated hosting include:

  1. High-quality service with attractive prices
  2. Round-the-clock support
  3. Robust security features
  4. Speed bandwidth of 100 Mbps/port link speed combined with other network connections between data centers.
  5. Using state-of-the-art equipment and network design
  6. Installing Failover
  7. Automatic data backup facility
  8. Latest anti-virus protection

Windows Dedicated Servers:

When we talk about the hosting solutions, then one thing needs to be said, there are no similarities among various hosting platforms. Now we are going to see the benefits of Windows dedicated server which is regarded as the top for large and mid-sized businesses. Windows servers have also come with affordable rates. The following points are primarily meant to give straightforward answers to those advantages that are hidden behind the rumors of price factors.

The following points are some of the advantages of using Windows dedicated server hosting;

  1. Administrators deploy and manage SLA-based policies on multiple domains and sites, with the help of the user interface,
  2. Deploying an OS is easier. For example, Windows Server 2008 R2 is the most widely used OS for dedicated servers because of its security, usability, and reliability
  3. Configuring your file server is easier. For example, Windows SharePoint Services is the ideal platform for creating Web sites for information sharing and team productivity. It can manage sites within or outside an organization, and implement database clustering
  4. Web services are easy to find, share, and reuse. For example, the universal description, discovery and integration of Windows Server 2008 R2 is a flexible and dynamic platform for Web services
  5. This accommodation offers a secure and open infrastructure
  6. It reduces the total cost of ownership through server consolidation and the use of the latest technology.
  7. Easy and hassle-free, creating dynamic websites for the Internet and Intranet.
  8. This type of accommodation improves the protection and availability of vital documents.
  9. Rapid deployment of applications for creating high-performance web applications.

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