The Concept of cloud hosting and the benefits that can be acquired

August 12, 2011 / Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting really started to gain popularity since its creation although the concept has been contended about in a little longer. Cloud computing is the use of multiple servers hosted in data center and connected by high speed networks. The idea is that instead of hosting all your applications and data on a server or in one place, they can now be load balanced over several different servers.

Of course, the concept has its fair share of critics, the disagreeable person who speak against the cloud, and people either do not understand the concept, are not sufficiently forward looking to see opportunities or don’t have their own future motives.

Despite all the negativity of short sighted fault finders, Cloud web hosting has already started to gain mass appeal in large companies because it allows the data center to execute all the hosting operations pretty smoothly.

The misunderstanding probably lies in the fact that cloud hosting will be a kind of unstable outbreak. IT technicians suddenly unemployed and other unfounded thoughts are probably the main cause for criticism. It will not happen that way.

Large companies spend much time in the debate to decide which applications to welcome in the cloud on a trial basis and those who must stay in their data centers.

The recent trends shows that many emerging companies moving to cloud platform, as it is a financially sound strategy. The savings can be made from their services with web hosting in a cloud environment are really noticeable.

Entrepreneurs and forward thinkers will be quick to put their head in the clouds as they are able to fully fund new businesses at a lower cost than they could before.

There are many valid reasons why anyone with a business or even just a home office should give serious consideration to be hosted in a cloud.

Disaster Recovery: anyone who has data that must be preserved and kept safe to be using a virtual server. This includes anyone with a computer. Data backup on tape and leave it to somewhere is not only risky but also waste of time and effort. If your office gets destroyed, then imagine what will happen to your backup?

Affordability: Raid storage and high availability (HA) architecture employing a large number of redundant hardware. Reduce the amount of material has a hit on the effect of needing less energy and fewer staff continuously on call.

Computing power: the sharing of resources means that the user will always have the computing power available is sufficient for their specific applications.

Flexible Bandwidth: Users can now view dynamic redefinition of their bandwidth to stay online with their traffic flows. Those days are gone when you have to buy the bandwidth that can not be fully utilized, which was a waste of bandwidth and a waste of money. If you are looking to expand the project or ways to reduce overhead costs, then take a serious look at cloud server hosting services.

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