Different Types Of Website Hosting

July 25, 2011 / Web Hosting

In a single sentence, Website Hosting is the service which provides space on the Internet for websites. Elaborately we can say that a Website Hosting is one kind of Internet hosting service, which permit individuals and organizations to create their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

There are different kinds of website hosting. Those are as follows :

  1. According to the cost there are mainly two types of hosting plans. Those are free hosting and paid hosting.
    1. Free hosting: As per its name it is one kind of hosting service which is free of cost. Normally we can say that “Free hosting” is a marketing term. Free hosting will normally offer a subdomain (yoursite.example.com) or a directory (www.example.com/~yourname).
    2. Paid hosting : You have to pay for your hosting but with paid hosting You can host your own domain. Maximum paid hosting providers provide 24/7 toll-free phone support, live chat support, email support, uptime guarantee, enough resources etc.
  2. According to the resources, there are different types of hosting plans. Those are as follows :
    1. Shared hosting: As per it’s name many websites share single physical server. The website owners have to share their resources and also server maintenance cost. That’s why shared hosting is a very cheaper option. But in case of shared hosting users can face some problem with flexibility and security.
    2. VPS Hosting : VPS stands for Virtual Server or Virtual Private Server. In the case of VPS, some virtual servers are created in a single physical server. These Virtual servers can run with a different operating system and it can be separately rebooted. The cost of VPS hosting is a little bit more than shared hosting and the flexibility and security is excellent like dedicated hosting.
    3. Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting is one kind of hosting where the account holders have the capability to utilize their hard drive space and bandwidth portion to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller gets the host’s services on a large scale and then sells them to third parties, mainly for some profits.
    4. Dedicated hosting: As per its name, one server is fully dedicated to only one user. In this case, users get a great level of security, flexibility, redundancy etc. The cost of dedicated hosting is more than shared and VPS hosting.
    5. Cloud hosting : In the case of cloud hosting numerous servers are utilized through a digital network. Users get excellent level of scalable, flexible, reliable, highly available, efficient and cost-effectively infrastructure.
  3. According to the operating system, there are mainly two types of hosting plans. Those are as follows :
    1. Linux hosting: Linux hosting is a very cheap option because this is an open-source operating system. So those users who want cheap hosting Linux would be proper for them. But before choosing Linux hosting users have to confirm that their website is not developed by any Microsoft’s products because Linux can’t support Microsoft’s products.
    2. Windows hosting: Windows operating system is developed by Microsoft. It is a good and very user-friendly operating system. But it is costly than the Linux operating system. If any website is developed by Microsoft’s products then that website owner has to choose Windows hosting.

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