Important Considerations Before Domain Name Registration

December 15, 2020 / Domain

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Selecting the perfect domain name for a business is inherently important. However, it can become a challenge, as well. Getting the right domain name for a website results directly in huge website traffic volume, thereby improving digital presence.

Key Considerations

However, before selecting the final domain name, there are a few important considerations that one needs to keep in mind. In this article, we will see such considerations related to the registration of domain names.

Clearing the Domain Basics

Before determining the correct domain name, one needs to identify how many visitors the website will receive. Anyone searching for a website needs to remember what it is called and accordingly type in the search window. A good domain name can be easily recognized and spelled. Having a short and simple domain name by avoiding common spelling errors definitely gives a head start to any business’s domain name.

Comparing Keyword with Brand Names

It is a continuous debate in the digital world, whether the domain name should have keywords or not. Practically, there is nothing wrong with keeping the keywords. Though, it is upto the user to make the decision in which market he is present and what are the long terms goals of his business.

A brand name remains unique and once the business has been established, it can attract a huge volume of customers due to its established reputation. If someone is in a market where brand plays an important role, then using keywords in the domain name can be a great option.

Domain names based on keywords helps website visitors associate the products and services that one will sell. Sometimes, using locations also gives the website visitors a clear idea of where the business operates.

For ex: would be extremely helpful for the users, as it clearly states that the business operates from New York and is into the laundry business.

Finding the Ideal Domain Name That is Already Taken

The selection of an already taken domain name is one of the common problems that enterprises face. Enterprises register several unused domain names with the intent to sell them at good profit volumes when one is looking to use such domains.

In a situation where the domain name is already taken, the user must visit the site to check whether it is live and is in use. If the site using the domain looks successful, there are low chances that the domain can be bought again; hence the user needs to look for an alternate domain name. On the other hand, if the website isn’t live, it increases the chances of buying the domain name again. It is advised to check the Whois Database for determining the owner of the site.

Selecting the Correct Domain Extension

Domain names comprise of two parts. The first part plays an essential role when it comes to branding and helping the users find the business. The later part in the domain name also has an important role to play, which shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost.

This second part is known as the Top Level Domain used for website categorization, making it easier for the users and search engines to understand better. Earlier, there were only a limited TLDs, making it easier for users to choose from. Over the years, we have witnessed growth in the TLDs, and most of them are keyword-based. One of the key advantages of using new TLDs is that it gives users increased chances of getting the desired domain name.

Registering Several Domain Name Extensions

Most industry experts strongly emphasize registering multiple TLDs related to their brand name to secure the brand reputation. This is one of the important things that website owners must consider as there are several TLDs available today, which might cost a few dollars annually.


It is now quite evident that there are few unmissable things related to domain name registration for a business. One must select a domain name that is memorable and can be easily spelled.

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