Important Considerations Before Domain Name Registration

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Selecting the perfect domain name for a business is inherently important. However, it can become a challenge, as well. Getting the right domain name for a website results directly in huge website traffic volume, thereby improving digital presence. Key Considerations However, before selecting the final domain name, there are a few important considerations that one […]

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Know More About Domain Name (Part-II)

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A. Register a domain name with domain registrar : You have to register your selected domain name with one of the ICANN approved registrars. You can register your domain for one year and after one year if you wish to continue then you have to register that it again. Your hosting provider can register your […]

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Know More About Domain Name (Part-I)

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* What is Domain name? All domain names are formed by the rules and regulations of DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses and also identify a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control in the Internet. * What are the advantages of own […]