Exploring the Benefits of SSL Certificates

November 19, 2020 / SSL Web Security

SSL certificates

Anyone today who uses a website or hosts a blog needs to install an SSL Certificate mandatorily. With cybersecurity on the rise, SSL Certificates have become inevitable. SSL serves as the foundation of a secured Internet browsing and plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive information available on the website. By implementing SSL Certificates offer privacy, the security of critical data along with enhanced data integrity for both- websites and users.

SSL Certificate Benefits

So, let us dive in detail to find out why SSL Certificates are now gaining immense popularity by understanding the following reasons-

  1. SSL Protects Data The basic function of any SSL Certificate is to secure and protect communication between server and client. Once the SSL Certificates are installed, every piece of information is encrypted and remains encrypted until the recipient (browser or server) has the right key to decrypt it. Whenever a website deals with sensitive information such as email IDs, passwords, or credit card information, SSL protects against malicious actors like cybercriminals and hackers. Since the exchanged data gets ciphered, it takes significant effort for hackers to decipher and use this information.
  2. SSL Confirms User Identity Another important task of SSL certificates is to ensure a website’s authentication. Identity verification is considered to be an important aspect when it comes to web security, with the Internet nowadays becoming more deceptive. We have witnessed several instances where users have lost vast sums of money on fake websites. Before installing SSL Certificates, one should go through the process of validation that has been defined by an independent third-party known as a Certificate Authority or CA. Depending on the SLA certificate one chooses, the CA verifies the SSL user’s identity and his organization. Once the identity has been verified, the website gets trust indicators reflecting the user’s integrity.
  3. Improved Search Engine Rankings In the year 2014, search engine giant Google announced alterations to its various algorithms. These changes in the algorithm were meant to offer advantages to the websites that were HTTPS enabled. Various online surveys and domain experts have always believed a strong correlation exists between a website having HTTPS and better search engine rankings. Google tends to rank those websites higher with an HTTPS in their URL, as it verifies the website’s integrity and security.
  4. SSL Builds Trust Any web browser gives various visual indicators such as a lock icon or a green icon bar to indicate that the website a user visits is safe and the connection is also secured. A securely connected connection and a safe website play a significant role in building a user’s trust. With SSL Certificates, website visitors tend to get a trust factor, resulting in higher trust levels.
    The Lock icon before the URL depicts the website is safe to browse.

    An HTTPS website also protects the website against various forms of online threats like phishing. In phishing attacks, an email is sent by a cybercriminal who can impersonate any genuine looking website. Such emails usually contain the link to their websites. With SSL Certificates installed, users can easily distinguish between the safe and similar-looking malicious websites.

  5. SSL Certificates Ensure PCI/DSS Requirements If a website accepts online payments and other bank related information, such websites need to go through various audits. These audits ensure that such websites comply with the PCI-defined standards. Therefore, having an SSL Certificate becomes inherently important for such websites.

Disadvantages of SSL Certificates

Despite having numerous advantages, SSL Certificates do come with certain disadvantages. One of the important drawbacks of an SSL Certificate can be the over-pricing possibly defined by an SSL provider. For any SSL provider setting up a secured infrastructure and validating its identity results in the provider incurring costs. Performance can be another concern when using SSL Certificates since the user’s information needs to be encrypted by the server, demanding more resource utilization.

Concluding Words

Hence, the disadvantages of using SSL certificates are minimal and can be easily overshadowed by the numerous benefits. For any user, it is critically important to use these SSL Certificates correctly. Correct usage of SSL Certificates ensures the website visitors and their data is protected, resulting in enhanced customer trust levels and more sales.

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