SSL certificate has become an extreme necessity after Google rolled out an update in 2018 and made “https” prefix before your website mandatory. The sites which are not having an SSL certificate i.e., if they don’t have “https” before them, then they have suffered a huge loss in ranking. Your website won’t be treated as a secure one if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed and this, in turn, leads to loss of customer as they won’t trust you. bodHOST offers you an SSL certificate plan, which comes with various features.

So, make sure you get your own SSL certificate with bodHOST and improve your SEO ranking along with growing your customer base.

Rock-Solid Encryption

The SSL certificates, which we deploy are strongly encrypted with 2048-bit encryption and this is for each plan. This robust encryption ensures that your data is safe and compatible with all web browsers.

Improve Your SEO Rank

With Google’s 2018 update, it is mandatory for every website to be labeled with “https” indicating that it is secure and those which don’t have one will have a ‘Not Secure’ label before their website’s URL, compromising their SEO ranking.

No Limit on Re-Issuing Certificate

The SSL Certificate needs to be re-issued after a certain interval of time. But we ensure that you don’t stress for the same. We give unlimited re-issues for every certificate and the best support you could ask for.

PCI-DSS Compliance

For security, PCI-DSS standards are mandatory. Therefore we comply by those standards so that your customers can trust you.

Install for Free

Install your SSL certificate free of cost with our ready to help technical support system. You can avail our service for 24 X 7 X 365 so that you never feel left behind.

Wildcard Certificate

Secure unlimited sub - domains under a single domain