The architecture of the Shared Cloud Environment

July 20, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

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The shared cloud is offered to promote affordable cloud hosting that is accessible to users of all abilities and businesses of any size so that they are able to reap the benefits of the reliability and security that the cloud platform can provide.

eNlight cloud hosting from Bodhost utilizes one of the core principles of promoting affordability in the shared cloud – the pay-per-use concept; the definition of ‘pay-per-use’ in this context is that you will be paying for the resources that you wish to have allocated to your server or are using and nothing beyond that.

Furthermore, the eNlight platform allows for the expansion of virtual machines with just a few clicks so that resources are assigned immediately; with this feature, we can assure you that no downtime will be incurred when adjusting the resource arrangement on one of your virtual machines.

Offering low unit prices for each of the resources that form an eNlight virtual machine is another feather in the crown of the platform; although affordability can be achieved by allowing customers to specify the units that they require of each individual resource, it is important to offer competitive resource pricing so that even customers with low budgets are able to obtain a reasonably powerful VM for the price. The major benefits of enterprise cloud hosting can also be whittled down to:

  • A 99.95% uptime guarantee is provided with all Bodhost enterprise cloud hosting plans because the architecture of the cloud introduces a high level of redundancy that ensures that there are no single points of failure in the network or hardware architecture
  • As all cloud servers communicate with one another via an internal network, you can be assured that your data is hosted in a secure environment and that it will be very hard for hackers to intercept these communications
  • The eNlight platform can be managed directly from our web interface where you can order additional resources for your existing VMs as well as create new virtual machines to ensure that your demands are constantly fulfilled.

More often than not even the largest of businesses won’t be able to fully utilize what a private cloud can offer in terms of capacity and the shared cloud often has more than enough clout to offer – Bodhost is always adding additional capacity in the form of extra hardware to ensure that our eNlight clusters are able to improve the performance of their virtual machines than necessary.

Auto-scaling is also available for situations where demand can’t be predicted and where you may not be in a position manually increase the resources of your virtual machine(s); auto-scaling will automatically allocate the resources that your VMs require to remain stable when they are put under a high load, with these additional resources then withdrawn once demand subsides.

Web Hosting vs. Cloud Computing

As an enterprise web hosting company, Bodhost is able to offer one of the best-shared cloud platforms in the US and we believe that our cloud hosting plans are some of the most affordable and offer a number of additional benefits over traditional web hosting plans.

Even though the cloud may be a more expensive endeavor for some, the additional cost is there to cover the extra hardware that is used to provide a stable hosting environment; traditional web hosting plans that use single-server configurations often fail to meet an uptime level of 99.95% because there is no redundancy in place to handle server failures.

Cloud computing as a technology is being slowly adopted by businesses of all sizes because it allows for the centralized storage of documents and application data so that users are able to create a consistent experience between all of the devices that they use to access the cloud, whether these are computers or mobile devices.

In the context of web hosting, the cloud introduces the concept of having full control of your virtual machines along with other external factors; IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platforms such as eNlight not only provide you with virtual machines but these VMs can be adapted as you see as necessary and you can adjust external settings and setup features including firewalls and vLANs between eNlight VMs.

For an unmatchable enterprise cloud hosting experience, you should look into Bodhost’s eNlight hosting services and see how USA cloud hosting can save your business money.

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