An Insight On Web Application Cloud Hosting

July 26, 2013 / Cloud Hosting

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Many web developers are considering the thought of moving their applications from being based on the desktop to being web-based. This will enable then to work in synchronization with the cloud platform in order to offer the people with great experience and additional features. Web applications are generally complicated and they might require a number of servers for supporting the workload and user activities. This is where cloud hosting comes into the picture, it enables hosting of virtual machines as per the requirements. Through the cloud infrastructure, the load on the web applications can be distributed across various virtual machines in order to provide an efficient and stable hosting environment.

The cloud hosting platform can be customized for your specific needs as all the web hosting companies allow you to host on both Windows and Linux platforms. You can also adjust the resource allocation of every virtual machine in order to meet the role of every server so that you only pay for the resources that you are utilizing. Irrespective of whether you develop the web applications through ASP.NET or PHP, selecting a cloud hosting solution will enable you to provide the users with a great experience. It is also important to make sure that the virtual machines are capable of running the additional applications that are required to support the main applications.

What are things that you must look for in a web application cloud hosting package?

Support To Operating System

It is important to review the operating system templates that you will be using with the virtual machines. This is a crucial step as it has an impact on aspects like scripting language that is used for developing the web application and the third-party applications that become a part of the web application. More frequently, you will find a wide range of Linux distributors and you will also get the recent versions of Windows based servers. In case you need to run Windows virtual machines along with Linux virtual machines, then it is possible through the cloud hosting platform.

Resource Scalability

As web applications often consume more resources, it is crucial for you to select a cloud hosting provider who can provide you with additional resources in care they are required. any good cloud hosting package provides you with the ability of adding resources to the virtual machines. An advanced cloud hosting solution will also provide you with the auto-scaling feature that will automatically add the resources if the VM becomes overloaded.

Stable Hosting Platform

You should make sure that the cloud hosting platform that you are considering is stable and reliable and you are able to perform the required tasks without any issues. As the cloud hosting platform is based on the cluster of multiple servers, the load is balanced and the possibilities of downtime to your website are greatly reduced.
Benefits of cloud hosting to a web application developer:

Multiple Virtual Machines

You get the capacity to create multiple virtual machines with a single cloud hosting platform. This platform creates the potential to migrate many dedicated servers over to the cloud without making any compromise on the quality of the service. As every virtual machine is distinct and as the data is spread across multiple servers, the possibilities of failures are reduced.

Security And Uptime

The cloud hosting platform is able to deliver a secured and reliable web hosting environment. The data in is safe and can be accessed whenever required. The clustered set up of the cloud makes sure that the maximum uptime is guaranteed.

The cloud web hosting platform offers the web application developers with the required resources and features for developing highly functional web applications. If you are looking ahead to migrate from the dedicated server hosting platform, then opting for a cloud solution is the best option as it is efficient and affordable as well.

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