5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Server 2019 Hosting

September 21, 2021 / VPS Hosting

Searching for Windows hosting? If you’re looking for Windows VPS hosting, shared, cloud or dedicated server, your main priority should be to ensure your web host has a windows server 2019 operating system. It has a better security system and is more advanced than the 2016 version. All apps and websites that need a Windows environment need to opt for the 2019 windows server hosting.

Here are some of the reasons for you to consider:

  1. Advance Security Windows Server 2019 has some of the best security features that make it the safest Microsoft operating system in the industry so far. It still includes the defender feature with more spring tech that provides proactive security against all kinds of threats. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a collection of different techs. It is a whole infrastructure that the windows system uses to leverage Azure and keep a tab on potential threats, make succinct reports about new threats, and work alongside ATP customers to keep the machines safe and secure. Additionally, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), VMs, PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), passwords that are banned, advanced threat analytics, and Just Enough Administration (JEA), help admins gain a better grip on security.
  2. Improved cloud integration Cloud is the most popular solution opted for by a majority of businesses, which makes an operating system that is compatible with the cloud a necessity to help transfer services to the cloud or to aid in cloud integration. One of the main features of Windows Server 2019 is its compatibility with the cloud and its ability to operate with the complete range of Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) cloud options linguistic multi-cloud, private, picked and hybrid infrastructures.  Moreover, Windows Server 2019 has been optimised by Microsoft to be compatible with the ever-increasing Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. SaaS offers its ability to transform at a fast pace that has helped them gain popularity. They also help companies integrate data with OS and boost automation.
  3. Storage, Kubernetes and Linux Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) was put forth during the Server 2016 Datacenter, a distributed data storage system that helps many server’s local disks to be delegated into fault-tolerant and storage that was available to keep it safe from server and disk failure. However, there are limitations. To begin with, Resilient File Systems (ReFS) does not support duplication of data. You receive much better performance with Server 2019 as it combines the two. Server 2019 includes Storage Migration Service, an exciting feature that helps you transfer storage systems from old systems like Windows Server 2003. It also offers various OS like Linux or Unix without a glitch. All the functions of the migration journey including transfer, inventory and cutover phases are done by window server 2019’s Storage migration service. It helps migrate file attributes, shared, security, data, configurations, and share node permissions that you want to transfer.  Windows Server 2019 helps run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, as well as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server within secure virtual machines. Moreover, shielded VM protection is used to keep Linux VMs safe.
  4. Project Honolulu When Windows server 2019 was introduced in the market, Microsoft also put forth their server management tool called Project Honolulu. Project Honolulu is the main console that helps IT experts handle GUI with ease and GUI-less Windows 2019, 2016 and 2012R2 servers in their own infrastructures. People who used it in the early stages found that project Honolulu provides easy to use management by bringing together normal tasks like server configuration, performance monitoring, settings tasks, as well as Windows service management that is hosted in these server systems. It helps manage these tasks better for administrators on a variety of servers.
  5. Older versions losing support Windows 2016 is primed to continue receiving support at least for the next few years, the support that was provided for Windows Server 2012 will soon stop. Windows 2008 stopped receiving any kind of support last year by Microsoft, while WS 2012 will stop receiving it by 2023. No patches can be sent without support, which makes these servers probe to be exploited by attacks and threats due to its increased vulnerability. For the most part, Windows Server 2012 does not have the Windows 2019 cloud optimised design. Hence, people using WS 2012 should consider upgrading by 2023. 

Windows Server 2019 provides a distinct set of features that delivers a brilliant experience for different sets of workloads, mainly for cloud-related or hybrid cloud workloads. There are some kinks that GUI has that need to be smoothed out similar to Windows 10 1809 bugs. The windows server 2019 provides exceptional security that surpasses the kind provided in earlier versions. It keeps all threats at bay and is a good way to put your mind to rest.

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