Hyper-V Windows VPS Hosting Plans


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Instant setup-windows vps

Instant Setup

Along with affordable windows virtual private servers, experience the delight of quick server provisioning.

regular backup-windows vps

Hyper-V Technology

High-performance SSD-powered Hyper-V Windows VPS servers equipped with Remote Desktop Access (RDP).

Easy user interface

Easy User Interface

Designed for an easy user experience with simplicity for a top-notch VPS hosting experience.

Managed Server 24x7

Managed Server 24X7

All bodHOST Windows VPS hosting plans come managed with 24x7 support available through phone, live chat and support ticket. Managed Support also includes patching and updating VPS upon request to help keep it secure, and running optimally.


Choice of Plesk Editions

Plesk control panel makes your Windows VPS management easier by providing a simple yet powerful GUI. Functions like adding websites, mailboxes, configuring firewall, applying security policies and installing applications become quick and easy. With trained experts in our team for Plesk, you will receive market leading support 24x7.

Remote Reboot

Remote Reboot

Securely reboot your Windows VPS on your own without any dependency upon a server administrator in the event of an emergency. We provide a secure Windows VPS management panel to perform instant remote reboots, which communicates directly with our hypervisor. No matter what the situation, you are in total control.

R1 Soft Backup

R1Soft Backup

It is easy for backups to be overlooked until the worst happens and there is no way to recover critical data. R1Soft based remote backups (optional) are easy to configure and with a full reporting facility, backed by our 24x7 support, you can be assured your data is valuable at all times.

bodHOST Windows VPS Hosting plans are quite flexible in terms of server to server migration as it rapidly migrates virtual machines from one physical server to another with minimal or no downtime. Virtual Machine Snapshot is yet another distinctive feature of Hyper-V virtualization technology.

64-bit Micro-kernelized hypervisor architecture allows Hyper-V to offer device support methods and improve performance and security. It provides support to all operating systems ( 32bit or 64 bit ). Hyper-V supports upto 4 Multi-processors in a virtual environment, which offers an advantage of multi-threaded applications in your virtual machine. Hyper-V also includes virtual switch capabilities, which can easily be configured with Windows Network Load Balancing within virtual machines on different servers.

Developers and software vendors have an added advantage with Hyper-V Technology. It allows them to build custom tools, utilities and enhance virtualized platforms.


Windows VPS Hosting FAQ's

Windows VPS hosting is a type of virtual private server hosting that uses Microsoft Windows as its operating system. For virtualization, bodHOST Hosting employs Microsoft Hyper-V technology. When you connect to your VPS using RDP, the VPS desktop will appear overlaid on your local system desktop. You can install almost any application on your VPS if you have super user-level administrative access. Furthermore, our affordable windows VPS is more dependable than shared hosting because there is no risk of other websites sharing system resources and interfering with your operations.

A virtual private server (VPS) for Windows is a server that is hosted for easy access. It gives the user dedicated resources, greater autonomy over these resources, and high performance to any website hosted on the internet. Windows VPS hosting is powered by Microsoft's Windows operating system. It includes extremely useful features such as a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes server management simple for even inexperienced users.

Windows VPS hosting is ideal for those who need administrative access to a server but cannot afford the costs of a full dedicated server. On your Windows VPS, you can run both asp.net and PHP-based applications.

Your hosting provider will need virtualization software, known as a hypervisor, to divide your physical server into multiple virtual servers. A virtualization layer is provided by the hypervisor. It essentially extracts resources from the physical server and provides access to a virtual replica of the original server to your customers. This server is referred to as a Virtual Machine (VM). Each VM has its own set of resources, such as a CPU, RAM, operating system, and individual applications. A virtual private server (VPS) replicates many of the properties of a physical server, with similar processes and functionality. Although it appears to be a physical server, it is actually a piece of software that emulates dedicated hardware.

It may take a few days to get your hands on a VPS, but with remote desktop access, you can easily manage your VPS. You have the ability to add and remove software or data from your VPS. You can also optimise scalability, throughput, and performance.

Nope, there is no setup fee. You must pay the plan price you choose.

Backups of your VPS are provided at no cost. Backups, on the other hand, are subject to availability. You can use our secure backup service to create daily backups if necessary. Our backup facility also allows for file/folder level restoration. For more information on the backup policy, please contact Our Support Team.