5 Reasons to Consider When Upgrading to VPS Hosting

September 17, 2019 / VPS Hosting


In VPS hosting, many users have been using the same server, still remain isolated from each other. Thus, no one in the server is going to get affected by the number of resources being used by other users present on the server. A single user gains the desired level of benefits such as speed and security without any compromise. This gives the user the benefits of a private server at a shared cost of services.

So, following are 5 reasons you need to consider when upgrading to VPS Hosting

1. Speed:

Whenever new content is added on a website, the speed of your website is most likely to decline. This is true for websites that have a large number of database-intensive operations. If your website takes longer process times, then the time has come has when you need to go for a VPS hosting. Also, a major portion of websites are going to see increased traffic on their websites.

The popular sites have higher traffic sites and this can be advantageous to you. But with your existing plans in place, you can’t manage high volume on your site. Thus, upgrading your existing plan to a VPS can be the best thing for your website.

2. Enhanced Security:

There can be times when your website needs to have increased security in order to benefit your users. For example, if you are running an e-commerce site, then you need enhanced security for processing or storing the personal and financial information of your users.

As VPS hosting accounts are isolated, the data stored as well as your processes are much safer than any other shared hosting service. VPS hosting also allows you to install the additional firewalls for laying down better security rules and regulations.

3. Better Reliability:

Due to its nature, VPS hosting is more robust and its environments are configured in a way that in case of a fault in the VPS account, the management software can reallocate your website into another instance and its rebuilding does happen in a quick time. In the case of a VPS hosting, there might be a slight downtime, but not as worse as in the case of a shared hosting account.

4. No Resource Sharing:

In the case of shared hosting, you are forced to share your server resources with a number of websites. If these websites are dominating all these resources due to heavy traffic or load on them, then the hosting server can end up with a crunch and this may directly have an impact on your website’s availability and business. However, when you’re using a VPS, it ensures that there is no direct impact on your site, as you are not going to share the server resources directly with other websites present on the server.

5. For e-commerce Sites:

VPS hosting offers many options that are well suited in case you have an e-commerce site. This is because e-commerce sites receive a high volume of traffic and are very much in-demand. As discussed previously, VPS hosting offers more security that might be needed when the user makes payments on your e-commerce site.


Thus, if you’re looking to make money out of your website, then VPS hosting can be the best possible upgrade solution for as it gives you a great degree of control, freedom, and flexibility for your website.

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