What to Do When Disk Safe Hard Quota Has Been Reached?

January 23, 2020 / R1Soft Backups

Follow the below-stated procedure in case your disk-safe hard quota has completely used. First, check the on-disk size of the client-server by using the df -hT command.

  1. If the on-disk size is less than the backup plan that the client had then proceed with taking a fresh backup by creating a new disk safe and policy. After creating a new disk safely and policy kindly close the old disk.

    After taking a fresh backup kindly delete the old disk safe after getting the required retention point on the new disk safe. but if there any locked recovery point in the old closed disk safe then first take client confirmation before deleting the old closed disk safe which consists locked recovery point.
  2. If the user data on the server is greater than the backup plan hard quota then raise a ticket to the client and ask him to upgrade his backup plan to the next level or exclude some unwanted files/folders from his remote backup plan to run the backup successfully.

We hope that you might clear now regarding what you need to do in case your disk-safe hard quota has completely used. If you still face queries, feel free to initiate a live chat with our proactive and dedicated technical team.

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